Foreign fighter Giorgio Galli killed in Ukraine, what happened

According to Adnkronos from diplomatic sources, Benjamin Giorgio Galli, the 27-year-old foreign figheters originally from Varese and with Italian citizenship who since last spring fought with the Legion, died in the night between 18 and 19 September in hospital in Kiev. foreign Ukraine against Russia. Galli was wounded in battle in Kharkiv, then, already in a coma, was transported to the capital, where he remained hospitalized in intensive care without ever regaining consciousness.

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Galli left for Ukraine after spending a month in Italy. Until last January he would have worked in the Netherlands as a worker for a transport company. Then, in February, he would instead move to Italy, where he would spend a month with his sister. Finally, the return to the Netherlands and entry into Ukraine through Poland to go and fight the Russians. Benjamin’s family would have been aware of the 27-year-old’s decision to enlist in the Foreign Legion.

To alert the Italian embassy in Kiev of the wounding of Galli in Kharkiv would have been the fighter’s sister, in turn warned of the incident by the commander of the Foreign Legion department where her brother was fighting.

The 27-year-old’s parents have been in Kiev since yesterday. The family, who left Holland when Galli was injured but still alive, will now have to take care of the formalities for the repatriation of the body.

The young man had arrived in Kiev with a Dutch passport and probably did not have an Italian passport. So it will probably be the Dutch embassy to take action to support the family in repatriation operations, even if the Kiev embassy on his part would have said that it would be willing to intervene in case of difficulty.

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