Forget about photovoltaics. Polish windows produce electricity

Quantum Glass is a Polish invention that can be an alternative to photovoltaics. Transparent panes producing electricity will soon be produced on a mass scale. We know the factory opening date.

Quantum Glass is a product of the Polish company ML System. Transparent panes that produce electricity are in line with the trend of building-integrated photovoltaics (BIPV). These types of solutions can significantly improve the energy efficiency of buildings, while maintaining the aesthetic appearance, which is also of great importance. Roof panels usually look worse than traditional coverings. Although this also changes, because modern photovoltaics looks really good.

A glass factory with a coating that generates electricity has been erected near Rzeszów. Its official opening is scheduled for December 16, 2021. In one month, it is to produce about 5,000 square meters of glass producing electricity. Ultimately, 3 production lines are to be built, which in total will produce 200,000 square meters of glass per year.

Compulsory photovoltaic installation.  Germany goes one step further

Compulsory photovoltaic installation. Germany goes one step further

As we read on the manufacturer’s website, the unique properties of the glass are possible thanks to quantum dots. These are semiconductors with sizes from a few to a dozen or so nanometers. Due to their small dimensions, they are not visible to humans.

Quantum Glass panes have been tested, among others, in buildings belonging to the Żabka chain. It is another product under development in Poland, which may be a milestone in the development of the BIPV industry. Let us recall that after Wrocław, the world’s first Saule Technologies perovskite photovoltaic cell factory was launched.

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