Former designer, Sony says, Xbox Series, X, is much more powerful than the PS5

The debate over which of the two consoles of the new generation is more powerful – the Xbox Series or PlayStation, the 5, continues.

And to those who decided to give their opinions now Chris Grannella former designer at Sony who worked at the company from 1996 to 2010, participating in the production of games, such as Mag: massive action game 2.

In the Twitter, Grannell said he had talked with some of the producers of the game, which would have confirmed the superiority of the machine of Microsoft in relation to games.

“I’ve talked to a few producers, and they confirmed that the difference in power is pretty impressive. However, they said that, that doesn’t mean that you can’t make good games on the PS5. These fanboys clearly don’t want you to know it, and they are very upset.”

But even among farmers, the notion varies a great deal. In the past week, and Andrea Pessino, the Ready At Downsaid, that the PS5 would be a game more revolutionary all of the time.

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