Former manager reveals voice messages from Britney Spears. What do they contain?

  • Another hearing on the Britney Spears Conservatory took place on July 14. The singer in tears repeated the request that her father be removed from the function of probation officer
  • She received permission from the court to hire her own attorney, Matthew Rosengart. Jamie Spears, the father of the star, still remains her guardian and is responsible for the singer’s fortune
  • The artist’s former manager Sam Lutfi released archival recordings of Britney’s voicemails on Instagram. They show that the star has been trying to get rid of guardianship for several years
  • Jamie Spears reportedly threatened his daughter with taking her children – the sons of Sean and Jayden – if she tried to stand up against guardianship
  • More such texts can be found on the main page of

Sam Lutfi has been a controversial figure in Britney Spears’ entourage for years. He has dealt with her career but was fired after in 2007, the singer had a nervous breakdown and came under the absolute protection of her father.

Is Lufti responsible for Britney Spears’ problems?

Lutfi himself was then given a court order restraining order from Britney Spears, which was replaced after it expired in 2019. According to the singer’s parents, it was Lutfi who was responsible for her problems at that time.

They accused him, among others to seize her money, administer drugs and prevent contact with her family. In 2009, Lutfi accused the Spears family of defamation. The case ended in a settlement five years later.

Two weeks ago, Lutfi admitted on Twitter that he “failed Spears years ago, instead of protecting her.” According to the former manager, they both paid dearly for these mistakes.

On July 28, on his Instagram, the former manager published four voicemail recordings that the singer was to leave him in 2009., that is, two years after their separate ways.

Recordings of Britney Spears. What’s on them?

Lutfi himself claims that the published recordings are four of the many he has kept for 13 years. At that time, nothing has changed regarding the guardianship of Spears – for the 39-year-old artist, decisions are still made by other people.

According to published news, Jamie Spears reportedly threatened his daughter with taking her children – the sons of Sean and Jayden – if she tried to get rid of her guardianship. In 2009, Spears also unsuccessfully tried to change lawyers, which she told Lutfi about on one of the recordings.

She also stressed that her “civil rights are violated”.

According to the Britney Spears family, these recordings are fake, but Lutfi assures that they were made from the singer’s phone.

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