Former Mossad agents will protect supermarkets in Germany from hacker attacks

XM Cyber, a company dealing with the security of Internet systems, was founded by Tamir Pardo – former head of Israeli intelligence. “In order to protect Lidl from attacks, XM Cyber ​​has developed a platform that is to identify weak points inside corporate networks and automatically correct them” – describes BID.

More and more retail chains are falling victim to hacker attacks, in Germany the victims of attacks include e.g. Bauhaus, Gerry Weber and the Tegut supermarket chain. Most often, cybercriminals’ goal is to hijack data in order to extort money from the attacked company.

“This should not happen with the Schwarz Group,” emphasizes BID. To counter such attacks, the largest trading group in Europe, the owner of the flagship networks Lidl and Kaufland, drew conclusions and decided to invest 700 million dollars in an Israeli IT security company, which is to protect networks against hacker attacks.

Two of Pardo’s associates also worked for the Mossad in the past. “The knowledge and innovation power of former Mossad agents should now help Lidl and Kaufland defend themselves against potential attacks,” comments BID.

XM Cyber ​​has developed a platform to identify weaknesses within the company’s network. “For the Schwarz Group, the extensive know-how in securing complex hybrid cloud systems is an important aspect of the partnership,” adds BID.

As Rolf Schumann, CEO of Schwarz Digital explains, thanks to this cooperation it will be safer to use digital products within the Group, such as online shopping on Lidl or Kaufland platforms, as well as loyalty programs of these two networks. “With XM Cyber ​​solutions, we offer our customers even more exciting online shopping opportunities and a better shopping experience,” adds Schumann.

The Schwarz Group, going on the offensive, is convinced that hiring specialists is the right path. “The XM cyber team with a deep understanding of the technical aspects and in an innovative manner optimally complements our security portfolio,” emphasizes Christian Mueller, General IT Director of the Schwarz Group.

“We are delighted to become part of the Schwarz Group,” comments Noam Erez, co-founder and CEO of XM Cyber, in a press release. “With the international market power of the largest trading company in Europe behind us, we can innovate faster and continue to develop our position in the global cybersecurity market,” he said.

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