Splatoon 2

The next Fortnite Battaglia Reale-themed collaboration could relate to Splatoon 2, here are some details discovered by the data miner.

The world of Fortnite Battaglia Reale and of Epic Games works exactly in this way: a collaboration announced for days has yet to come, and it is already thought of the next. But in the coming weeks, the Battle Royale could really make sparks, because even Nintendo would take the field.

After the partnership between Epic Games and Fortnite themed IT, the next initiative should involve Nintendo and be themed Splatoon 2. That’s right: the most colorful world of squid and octopus ever arrives on Fortnite Battaglia Reale, with some themed cosmetic items, for example, the title makers and leakers of the title have already identified a Skin.

If the collaboration turns out to be true (there are no confirmations from both Epic Games and Nintendo), a possible new gaming area on the main map cannot be excluded. After all, the desert area has been transformed into a Pandora and Borderlands 3 theme: is Epic Games ready to transform a new area into an arena in Splatoon 2? We will keep you posted.

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