Fortnite, Collect the Visitor’s Registration on the Floating Island


The Visitor of Fortnite has hidden a recording on the floating island: this is where it is and how to take it, in this guide to extraordinary time challenges.

The challenges to extraordinary time of Fortnite Battle Royale are now available to all players of Epic Games title. In this quick guide, we will help you find the first Visitor registration, hidden at the floating island of the game map.

Collect the Visitor’s registration on the floating island is only the first of the extraordinary time challenges Timeless Heroes of Fort Battle. These recordings will reveal important background on the plot and lore of the Epic Games title, so as to better understand the event next Sunday. Now, the floating island is currently in the desert area: first go to the motel, using the ascending current of the Purple Cube Kevin.

Once you reach the floating island of Fortnite, you will find the first visitor registration on the back of this van shown in the image below: refer to the images to find the location of the place and the object in question. At this point you could move on to the second registration, hidden in Corso Commercio; refer to his specific guide.

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