Fortnite: Find the Letter N of the Duel


A quick guide to quickly and easily finding Fortnite Chapter 2, thus completing the challenges of The Duel of Epic Games.

Return the weekly appointment with the letters of Fortnite Chapter 2: we have explained where to find F, O, R and T, and now comes the turn of the guide designed for the letter N. Don’t worry: you will need no more than a few minutes to take it home easily.

Find the Letter N is a Fortnite Chapter 2 challenge that is part of Epic Games’ most recent set of missions, the one known as The Duel. First, you will have to complete the previous challenges to unlock the one we are talking about; at this point you can finally see the letter on the game map, interact with it and then collect it. Of course, provided you know where it is.

We take care of the position of the Letter N on Fortnite Battle Royale: take a look at the image below. You will have to reach the circled outpost, west of the Epic Games game map; obviously pay attention to the many enemies present. We also leave you a video, given that abundance does not hurt in these cases.

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