Fortnite, Jarvis’s Mother: “My Son Is Destroyed”


The case of Jarvis Kaye continues, banned for life by Fortnite Battaglia Reale for use of cheats: his mother also intervenes, since the decision of Epic Games has destroyed him.

New update on the Jarvis Kaye case, the Fortnite Chapter 2 pro player recently banned for life from the title of Epic Games for cheat use. The mother, in the past few hours, has declared the following: “my son is destroyed”.

Jarvis, a FaZe Clan pro player (or better, former FaZe Clan pro player) received a lifetime ban from Epic Games for using cheats and tricks during some Fortnite amateur games, then published on YouTube (not really brilliant action, from several points of view). The boy then made a video in which, crying, he said he regretted and had no idea at the time what the consequences would be.

Jarvis’s mother, Barbara Khattri, intervened in the past few hours on the issue, stating that Epic Games’ lifelong ban destroyed the youngest of her children. “My son made a mistake, but the community should review his attitudes towards people. He is destroyed, he loves that game. There should be a way to remedy mistakes, in life.” Clearly the woman also refers to some exponents who have harassed her son’s situation; certainly not the case with Ninja, who rather defended him.



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