Visiting an oversized plan is one of the new Fortnite Battle Royale challenges dedicated to the Boogie Down set by Epic Games: a guide to completing it.

Epic Games has recently published all the new Fortnite Battle Royale weekly challenges: the latter also includes the mission Visit an oversized plan . It could give some problems both to newcomers and to old players: so here is a guide to complete it quickly. To complete the challenge Visit an oversized Fortnite Battle Royale set Boogie Down plan, you will need to go to a specific area of ​​the Epic Games game map, without even interacting with the specific object in question. The area you are looking for is near the Retreat Retreat

, a little further south of the same, but before arriving at the manor of the heroes. In short, in the easternmost area of ​​the entire Fortnite game map.

Below we present two images: the first shows the position of the oversized Fortnite piano, the second shows just how it is made. Go to the place and if you want to interact with the object to play the score (you’ll have to come back for the Challenge Prestigio). Of course, you also pay attention to the many enemies that will be present in the area.

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