“Forza Italia guarantee for the EU, the compact center-right is ready to govern”

The presence of Forza Italia in the next center-right government is a “guarantee” for Europe. To say it is Silvio Berlusconi guest of Barbara D’Urso in the living room of Afternoon 5recalling how the president of the European People’s Party, Manfred Weber, came to Italy last week to reaffirm this concept. “Choosing Forza Italia for a moderate, liberal, pro-European voter is the only rational and useful expression of voting. Because it serves to give us more strength within the government in order to determine the government’s decisions for the country”therefore, the Knight emphasized.

“The center-right united for 28 years, the left not even for 28 days”

The coalition of center righthe assured, is compact. “It has been like this for 28 years while the left has not managed to remain united even for 28 days: in a month they passed from the wide field with the 5 Stars, to the alliance with Calenda, and both ended very badly. Al Pd – he observed Berlusconi – all that remains is to ally with the anti-NATO Fratoianni, and with Bonelli, that of the environmentalism of the no that has reduced us in these conditions with the expensive bills “. The Forza Italia leader does not deny that there are differences with the allies.

“The center-right without us would be a right-right, certainly democratic, but neither numerically nor politically capable of governing”he reiterated, underlining the centrality of the party in guaranteeing “the liberal, Christian, guarantor, pro-European, Atlanticist character of the future government”. “Governing Italy is a great responsibility, and we are ready to take it on: I too am ready to do my part, as I have always done in the past, using all my experience, competence and work capacity , the international relations that I have built over many years of activity not only in politics, but in business, sport and communication “promises Berlusconi.

“Interventions on bills and structural reforms to defend families and businesses”

Economic challenges are on the agenda: the dear energy, work, inflation which is close to 10% eroding the purchasing power of families, the specter of recession. To cope with an “exceptional” situation which, the Cav recalled, “it is a direct consequence of the conflict in Ukraine and its effects on international politics, on trade, on the availability of raw materials”, it will be necessary to implement extraordinary solutions. The State, is the recipe of the Forza Italia leader, will have to take charge of the increases, for example “by reducing the VAT on basic necessities and intervening directly against the expensive bills”.

Then, he added, they will be needed structural reforms, such as fiscal reforms, to leave “more money in the pockets of households and businesses” and increase “the purchasing power for consumers”. Berlusconi defends the flat tax: “It has been successfully implemented in over 50 countries around the world”. Specifically Forza Italia provides “a single rate of 23%, ie equal to the current minimum rate of IRPEF to be applied to everyone, families and businesses, for all income, excluding the first 13 thousand euros, on which no tax will be paid”. “We are absolutely sure – the Cav reiterated – that the flat-tax will produce a great beneficial shock on the economy: that of hedging is a false problem, because the flat-tax pays for itself. We, however, of course, will proceed with prudence and gradualness “.

“Minimum pensions of one thousand euros”

Berlusconi then confirmed the commitment to increase all pensions minimum up to a thousand euros for 13 months, to allow retirees to live in dignity. “I am convinced – he told Barbara D’Urso – that it is absolutely a moral duty to guarantee, to those who have lived a life of work, a safe and serene old age”. Not forgetting even the disabled, who, he added, have a right “to the same serenity and the same security”.

For the 4 million and 750 thousand Italians who live in conditions of absolute poverty “Citizenship income not only must not be abolished but must be absolutely extended and even increased”the Forza Italia leader went ahead, calling for a revision of the tool that does not solve the problems of young people.

“Incentives for companies to hire young people”

For them, instead of the subsidy introduced by the M5S, Berlusconi proposes to pay at least one thousand euros for thirteen months “all precarious jobs, fixed-term contracts, apprenticeships”. “We will compensate – is the proposal – employers for the higher outlay with adequate tax deductions”. The goal is to increase theyouth employment through incentives to companies for hiring: “For the first two years they will not pay a single euro of taxes or contributions”.

The goal of the new center-right government, repeats the former prime minister, will be that of “cut the taxesto make the weakest live better, to give opportunities to our young people, but also to cut the bureaucracy “.” The work to be done is difficult and demanding, also because a decade of power managed by the left, without ever having won the elections, has left very heavy consequences “Finally, the Forza Italia leader commented.

“The left has chosen the technique of disinformation”

Berlusconi also took stock of this election campaign lightning, in which the tones often became very bright: “I was the only one who spoke every day about programs, about concrete objectives to be achieved to improve Italy and the lives of Italian citizens. Our competitors in the Democratic Party have chosen the path of verbal battle, of disinformation , of gossip. Old techniques, inherited from the communist tradition, to cover the void of programs and strategies, from which they have always suffered “.

At the end of the interview, with the irony that distinguishes him, the Cav agreed to participate in the game of associating two adjectives with nouns. Among the characters called into question Marco Travagliodefined as “very good but terrible”, Luigi Di Maio“nice but opportunist”, Giuseppe Conte, “communicative and indefatigable”. Finally he said of himself jokingly that he was: “Simply super! Simple, humble, good, respectful, generous, sincere”.

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