Fourth day of search and no positive news on Mitogo’s whereabouts

The footballer, whose family lives in El Bierzo, has been missing since Thursday morning and is believed to have thrown himself into the Avia River

Photo: Civil Protection of Ourense during the search on the first day of the operation / Twitter @OVoluntariadoOU

The fourth day of the search for the footballer David García Mitogo in the vicinity of the city of Arnoia (Ourense) ended without encouraging news inviting optimism. two GEAS divers from the Civil Guard They were working under the bridge that connects Arnoia and Ribadavia and where the river Avia meets the Mino. Despite the fact that the professionals would not return until Monday, the operation continued the search with four boats and a set of equipment made from a jet ski, but they found nothing in the rivers and banks between Cortegada and Ribadavia.

There were no clues inviting optimism to know the whereabouts of the missing Mitogo since Thursday morning. A resident of Arnoia saw him walking at 6:30 am, launching a search operation on the suspicion that he had thrown himself into the river. Furthermore, that same morning, a sister of the player received an audio message telling her of the troubling decision. He contacted the Civil Guard, who launched a search, involving dogs, a helicopter, specialist emergency personnel and volunteers, but so far with no success. The last trace of Mitogo was found at the bridge on which the search is focused. His mobile phone was found there on Thursday.

His family and friends arrive from El Bierzo despite the help of a professional diver who fulfills the duties of the Civil Guard And although the company that manages the Castrolo de Mino reservoir closed the floodgates to reduce the flow of the Mino, we still have no news. In addition, the apparent concern is compounded by the sadness, as his relatives and investigators fear that if he jumps into the river as seems to be the case, he may no longer be alive. There remains a small hope that he may have taken another route and may still appear to be alive, but signs with no encouraging news point to the most pessimistic option for now.

And it is that his teammates at Atlético Arnoia also received messages from the hours before the player went missing. He thanked her for making him feel happy in the group. However, no one interpreted those texts as something worrisome, but rather as something normal in the season finale. People close to him describe him as a person who complains about everything and for this reason he did not attach much importance to it, but the concern was real when the footballer, who was another footballer in O Carballino on Wednesday Was watching the Champions League match with Friend, he did not stay at home as planned, he was seen at dawn and left the door of his house open. The search was launched after the Civil Guard came across an alarming message sent to his relative.

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