FoxESS energy storage is an important link in a home photovoltaic system

A giant in the production of photovoltaic inverters, placing great emphasis on energy storage systems, introduces highly advanced and universal devices to the Polish market, which are a response to a large number of inquiries about energy storage for small and medium-sized photovoltaic installations. This trend is also particularly supported by the European Union, which aims to build a pan-European network of domestic energy storage.

– We estimate that at the end of March 2022 there will be approximately 920,000 people in Poland. prosumer installations. According to the announcements of the Ministry of Climate and Environmental Protection, in the new perspective, My Electricity 4.0, energy storage systems will be supported. That is why we are prepared to support our knowledge, experience and introduce the participants of the PV market to the next, important stage of the industry related to the entire energy system country – says Tomasz Walczyk, Country Manager FoxESS Polska.

Extension of the existing photovoltaic installations with FoxESS energy storage systems

The connection of photovoltaic inverters with FoxESS energy storage systems consists in connecting a mains charger by adding it to the already existing photovoltaic installation in which the inverter works. The AC FoxESS charger is programmed in such a way as to store energy into the battery in such an amount as programmed by the user, e.g. at the level of the current production from the inverter.

In this way, we obtain a system that works on a quasi-hybrid principle. In the last step, connect the batteries to the battery charging controller, the so-called BMS, and it’s a device for an AC charger that produces direct current. This is important for maintaining the life of the device, because the BMS manages the charging economy of the battery optimizing its operation to maximize its life.

FoxESS energy storage systems as a backup source

Energy storage systems also provide protection in the event of a power grid failure. In such a situation, they can be used to use the energy accumulated during the production from photovoltaics. The same goes for dusk. In both cases, the inverter will be turned off, the photovoltaic production will be stopped, and the AC charger will be able to use the energy that has been stored in the batteries during the day. This allows you to connect to the maximum power of the charger any customer receivers and power them in a situation where there is no energy or the customer requires energy after dark.

FoxESS storage systems are also applicable when the energy consumption exceeds the production from photovoltaics. If the PV production is too small to meet the needs of the customer’s receivers, then the AC FoxESS charger covers the difference from the battery so that the receivers are fully satisfied.

FoxESS universal energy storage can work with inverters of any manufacturer

FoxESS recommends that its energy storage systems be added to inverters of the same brand, because then the entire management system of its own domestic power plant is in one monitoring application. This facilitates communication, management and technical support.

However, the versatility of FoxESS storage systems is that they are designed to work with every brand of PV inverters on the market. In this case, the third-party inverter will be visible in its monitoring application and the storage system in the FoxESS application. In summary, there will then be two monitoring systems.

By analyzing the huge number of inquiries regarding the possibility of extending the existing photovoltaic installations with modern energy storage systems, FoxESS ensures that the product it offers best meets the needs of the market and is in line with the direction of development of the energy sector in Poland proposed by the government and the European Union.

FoxESS storage systems are revolutionary, modern devices that will meet the expectations of the most demanding customers. They will soon be available from authorized FoxESS Partners:

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