“France Football” made it possible to change votes in Z³ota Pi³ka. The winner knows the score. Soccer

Something eagerly awaited by football fans around the world is going to happen at the Theater du Chatelet in Paris on Monday. The Golden Ball will be awarded during the ceremonial gala of the “France Football” magazine.

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Borek: Someone is trying to convince Lewandowski of this. This is absurd

Especially for this moment Poles are waiting for Robert Lewandowski to be the winner of the plebiscite. The Bayern striker is, next to Leo Messi, the biggest favorite to win the award. Media and bookmakers agree that it was one of these players who triumphed in the voting of jurors from around the world.

Another sky-high Lewandowski record.  Nobody did itLewandowski is the best in the world again! Second year in a row. Declassification

The winner already knows that they will receive a Golden Ball. The jurors changed their voices. “We have accepted the repeated application”

The deadline for sending votes by jurors was exactly October 24. According to the latest media reports, the question of the resolution was played out until the last moments. The editor-in-chief of “France Football” himself confirmed in an interview with the WP SportoweFakty portal that a large part of the votes in the poll was received by the editorial office in the last two days of voting. “This is what happens in every edition, so this year there was no deviation from the norm,” admitted Pascal Ferre.

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Recently, the program “L’Equipe du soir” reported that “four or five electors changed their minds and they were allowed to submit the new order before the end of the vote.” Ferre said, however, that this was indeed the case, but only one person was mentioned. – Indeed, we have allowed it and accepted the re-application. However, this did not affect the results. This is one in 170 journalists who vote, said the editor-in-chief of France Football.

Sierd de VosA storm after the commentator’s words in the LM match. “Contempt for the viewer. Humiliating”

The French also confirmed that the winner of the plebiscite already knows the result of the vote. – We close the issue on the night of Monday to Tuesday, i.e. right after the gala, so the interview with the winner had to be conducted earlier – explained Ferre. All this is due to the change of the formula of the “France Football” magazine, which in June this year changed from a weekly to a monthly.

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