France is not afraid of bold steps. Without a third dose, don’t move

France does not intend to ease covid restrictions. Moreover, a two-dose immunization is no longer sufficient to freely use some services. A booster dose will also be required for a restaurant or cinema. The government is to announce such rules on Thursday.

The new, tightened ones will be presented on Thursday sanitary passport regulations. To avoid a full lockdown, the government will also insist on respecting social distancing and accelerating the COVID-19 vaccination campaign, the spokesman said.

However, he made a reservation that despite the tightening of the rigors, the epidemic situation will probably worsen in the coming days and the number of new weekly coronavirus infections per 100,000. inhabitants will grow above 200.

Last Wednesday, Attal assured that at this stage the government has no plans to tighten the restrictions related to the fifth wave of COVID-19, and even though the pandemic is spreading again, the situation is under control thanks to vaccinations and the introduction of a sanitary passport.

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