French Prime Minister’s Advisor: A fourth dose may be needed

“It is possible that at some point we will need a fourth dose, a booster dose, but we don’t know that yet. In a crisis such as the current one, we must honestly communicate what we know and what we do not know yet – he said Jean-Francois Delfraissy.

The Scientific Council is currently analyzing whether a fourth dose will be needed in the future.

Delfraissy emphasized at the same time that they are vaccinated 10 times less exposed for severe disease and death due to COVID-19. However, he noted that immunity after vaccination begins to decline over time.

The expert pointed out that the Delta variant remains the dominant one in France. However, there is a risk that variant of Omikron will extend the coronavirus pandemic. He also stressed that the French authorities wanted to avoid further lockdowns.

When asked about vaccinating children 5-11 years old, Delfraissy replied that the Scientific Council wants to they were not compulsory and were not included in the sanitary passport in force in France in public places.

French scientists are currently waiting for data from the United States. Three weeks ago, vaccination of children aged 5-11 began there.

In the last 24 hours, over 59 thousand new cases of coronavirus – according to data from Tuesday’s Public Health Agency (SPF).

During the November interview with the Minister of Health Adam Niedzielski TVP recalled that not so long ago it was said that two doses of the COVID-19 vaccine would be needed to obtain immunity, while the government encourages a third. Doubts arise whether a fourth or fifth dose will be needed later? Niedzielski was asked.

– Perhaps it will. We should not be surprised, because looking at what we have been dealing with for many years, I am talking about flu infections, we can see that there is a new vaccine every year, that this vaccine must be changed, because this virus also mutates – he replied health minister. He assured that “this is not a conspiracy of the pharmaceutical industry, but a normal situation, when we simply try to keep up with the pace of scientific development with what actually happens with the virus”.

Niedzielski noted that vaccines work much more effectively than restrictions.

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