Frequent washing shortens life? Hygiene facts and myths

In recent times, the hottest topic in Hollywood has been hygiene. Mila Kunis and Ashton Kucher, Jake Gyllenhaal and Lizzo have already spoken. How often should we wash and can we smell better without using deodorant?

Dirt in Hollywood

“Who doesn’t wash, lives long”? Apparently this conclusion was reached by Ashton Kucher and Mila Kunis, who recently admitted that they only wash their children when they get dirty. “Washing more often does not make any sense. Soap deprives the skin of natural oils. I am not one of the mothers who bathe newborns all the time. I believe that it should not be done every day” – admitted the actress. The famous and beloved actor, Jake Gyllenhaal, also followed in the footsteps of the couple, who confessed in an interview that he is not a fan of frequent baths. In an interview with Vanity Fair, the artist admitted that a bath may be more or less needed at a given moment. The actor seems to support the theory that frequent washing can harm the skin and the body.

Recently, American singer Lizzo joined the discussion on hygiene in Hollywood. The singer is definitely not one of those people who cares about what they do or say. For some, the American rapper has become an icon of body-positivity. Now she has taken the side of the rather hygienically economical stars. After actor Matthew McConaughey publicly admitted that he hadn’t used deodorant for 33 years, the singer wrote: “I am totally in sympathy with him. I stopped using deodorant and I smell much better.”

Dermatologist confirms: “washing too often can cause allergic diseases”

Although the confession of the stars may arouse considerable controversy, in the opinion of Dr. Bartłomiej Kwiek, MD, there is something to do. “Our skin is not used to washing so often. I think that at least 1/4 of people should be very careful with washing. Why 1/4? Because we destroy this skin by taking care of this skin and hygiene.” – says the dermatologist in an interview on Dzień Dobry TVN.

The increase in allergic diseases, 20% compared to the beginning of the previous century, is due precisely to the infestation caused by too frequent washing. Our skin cannot withstand this destruction, it becomes full of holes. Not only do we have the effect of dry skin, but also all allergens and irritants enter inside and cause inflammation – adds the doctor

Dr. Kwieka admits that the new hygiene habits of Hollywood stars are not the worst. “These frequencies are not so bad. Wash when we are dirty and smell bad for the environment. Wash when it is hygienically necessary, i.e. washing hands in the event of a pandemic, but we must do it wisely and take care of our skin. “

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