Fringe summer 2022: five styles to copy

TO sometimes it takes very little to completely change a hairlook: this is the case of fringewhich can immediately distort a face. But what are the trends for the 2022 summer fringe? From the timeless curtain fringe to the rediscovered Birkin bangs, here are the five most beautiful fringes to show off this season.

1. Fringe summer 2022: the Birkin bang

There is a fringe model that crosses fashions unscathed, resists the passage of time and the succession of trends. And the Birkin Bang, which bears the name of the timeless French icon Jane Birkin and which is confirmed as the fringe trend of summer 2022.

Jane Birkin in London in 1964 (Credits: GettyImages)

Influencers ante litteramicon and muse of Hermès, who dedicated a bag to her, Jane Birkin loved the fringe so much that she made it a real trademark of its charm. That same typology now lives again and returns with its own imperfect air, light and seductive. Like on It Girls like Louise Follain or like the influencers Mara Lafontain.

Fringe, all the trendy styles for 2022

Fringe, all the trendy styles for 2022

2. The midi fringe like Charlbi Dean

In Cannes 2022 to present the film Triangle of Sadnessthe actress Charlbi Dean demonstrated how to pair long hair and midi bangs is among the most beautiful of the moment.

How do you carry it? In his case it is light, mid-front and follows the movement of the hair, left soft to fall like waves on the back.

3. Pixie bangs like Rebecca Hall

He conquered Cannes 2022 with a disarming smile and his own pixie cut with bangs, Rebecca Hall.

His was one of the tto the most beautiful courts in Croisette, thanks to a well-done styling and a fringe that gives even more character to the look.

There fringe follows the length of the cut in its upper part, while it remains shorter on the sides. The result is a fresh and cheeky hairstyle that pleases.

4. Zoe Kravitz-style ultra-short bangs

It certainly didn’t go unnoticed Zoe Kravitz’s 1950s “Audrey look”.: the focal point is a short bangs swept to the side, often accompanied by neat and clean buns.

In this case the fringe is a choice of character that it doesn’t lend itself to more angular or chubby faces but it requires a harmonious and little accentuated face. But it allows you to get a look of undoubted charm.

5. Dakota Johnson’s curtain bangs

Dakota Johnson has been accustoming us to hers for years full bangs (but not too much), so as to make it a distinctive feature of his style. In this case the trend fringe for summer 2022 is the curtain one which opens slightly in the center, almost to show the forehead.

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The vintage touch is given by the sides, which end in slightly longer points, giving the look a retro appeal.


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