From consumption to longevity: this is how much you save with LED lights

Against the dear bills that afflicts the Italians is the race to save trying to cut unnecessary consumption. Sometimes, however, it does not depend only on us since we have materials in our homes that increase consumption. As we have seen in, if the price of household appliances cannot be changed too much (replacing them would be expensive), something more can be done with the bulbs if they are changed with those Led.

How much you save

From 60 Watts, on average, every hour of lighting at a range of 3-11 Watts with LEDs: this translates into savings in bills up to80% of the final price. This is why the purchase of these devices is worthwhile, both for their economic nature but also for their longevity. In fact, these products “live” beyond 50 thousand hours against the four thousand hours of traditional ones. An investment spread much longer over time. And then, a not insignificant detail, it is a more stable type of light than the classic incandescent lamp. The portal Invest today estimates that the light of a LED bulb turned on for 8 hours a day can lead to a monthly consumption of 50 cents against the 6 euros of the traditional one: over the year the savings are about 50 euros per bulb.

Led also in shopping malls

The National Council of Shopping Centers (CNCC) has developed a sort of vademecum to cut consumption by at least 10% compared to 2021. In addition to the heating that will be lowered up to and not beyond 19 ° C, there is also the theme of the installations lighting, often active even during the night. From this point of view, the CNCC intends to continue only with the “lighting systems with high energy efficiency solutions“, so as to save at least 20% on electricity bills. Similar speech also for the neighboring car parks where the light intensity will be reduced between 20% and 30% and the total shutdown after about half an hour from the closure of the shops .

To increase savings, the illuminated signs will also be switched off during the night closing and optimized during the day. Even for temporary situations such as fairs and stands, LED technology will be preferred over traditional ones. Cutting costs is the only watchword of the autumn / winter 2022-2023 season: while waiting for the new government to get to work, the do-it-yourself process of businesses and citizens remains the only way forward in the short term .

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