From Fusaro to Dessì, passing through the No green passes and up to the former M5s: here is the Italian pro-Putin front

From No Green Pass to Yes Putin is a moment, in Italy, in times of Russia’s war against Ukraine and while the news from Kiev becomes more dramatic by the hour. «No, Putin is not Hitler. I don’t even think he’s crazy. He simply is in the interest of Russia and its people, ”says Ugo Mattei, a left-wing jurist already at the helm of the intellectual group opposed to the Green Pass against Coronavirus. There, note Old Concept on Republic, a front made up of hatred towards NATO, combined with a passion for Putin and a sort of rediscovered pacifism. “I refuse to enlist,” says cartoonist Vauro. While Mattei rejects «the logic of good and bad, but I do not forget that Putin was put there by the Americans, and that he then got out of hand. He is not a bloodthirsty, he will not bomb civilians, nor will he use nuclear power. I am totally against the sending of weapons by our government to Ukraine ”. To stop the tanks, he says, “I would urgently convene the general assembly of the United Nations and I would pass a resolution to stop the invasion. We need blue helmets ». Assembly convened, while “attacking” Russia will always see, obviously, Moscow’s veto).

And in Parliament?

In the buildings something that was missing from the end of the radical left returns to be seen. It is, note Republic, of already 5-star exponents who now militate in Alternativa and Manifesta. Pino Cabras, 53, president of Alternativa and a pupil of Giulietto Chiesa, was sent away from the Movement because he was against the Mes. “A radical mutation of the European Union is underway, which accepts militarization. A solution must be found that reconciles all the components and reduces the tensions that have accumulated in that area. Ukraine is neutral, ”he says Republic. What is happening, he says, is due “to the great humiliation suffered after the end of the Wall by the former Soviet Union”. The communist Emanuele Dessì, a former grillino who refers to Marco Rizzo, secretary of the Communist Party, says: “We repudiate wars and single thinking”. But the government led by Mario Draghi is “a servant of multinationals, the EU and NATO”. Simona Suriano, Doriana Sarli, Yana Ehm, Silvia Benedetti, the four deputies of Manifesta, have as references Communist Refoundation and Power to the People. “Putin is not justifiable, with all the generic extenuating circumstances that the expansion of NATO to the east has brought about,” says Sarli. They announce the decision not to vote on the decree for Ukraine or the resolution. “Sending weapons is adding fuel to the fire,” she adds.

Vito Petrocelli, of the M5S, president of the Foreign Affairs Commission in the Senate, sympathizes with Putin and has the same line, which Undersecretary Manlio Di Stefano considers “legitimate”. The Anpi is also against Italy’s sending of arms to Kiev, “while strongly condemning Putin’s war”. “Zelensky is sending his own people to massacre,” says the philosopher Diego Fusaro, who speaks of NATO expansionism as the reason (and justification) for the Russian invasion. “The disaster could perhaps have been avoided if the United States and the European Union had not shown proof of blindness”, wrote in recent days the journalist and former MEP Barbara Spinelli with L’Altra Europa by Tsipras. Her article on the Everyday occurrence it was retweeted as a reading advice from the Russian embassy in Italy.

And finally, there is the position of Matteo Salvini, who speaks with similar positions on the subject of military aid – even if the Lega then changed his mind and voted in favor of the decree. Comencini, a Northern League deputy whose wife is a Russian painter, on the annexation of the Donbass Republics said a few days ago: “There we needed a special statute as in Alto Adige”. Enrico Michetti, already a candidate in Rome with Giorgia Meloni, defeated at the Campidoglio by Roberto Gualtieri, finally says he is against sending weapons.

On the cover Diego Fusaro

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