From Grey’s Anatomy to Criminal Minds, 5 TV Series to watch in one go on Disney+

The most loved TV series are on Disney+ with all the episodes. Some tips for the next marathons.

Thanks to the arrival of the cold, evenings and weekends have finally become more accommodating with the desire to stay at home to recover that TV series that everyone is talking about or that for some reason unfollowed or never finished. It used to be that marathons were only possible when you could get a bunch of DVDs together. Today, on the other hand, all you need to do is launch an app on your TV or tablet to find all the seasons of the series you love or that you’ve always wanted to see more carefully. On Disney+fans of cult titles such as Grey’s Anatomy, criminal minds And The Simpsons can find all the episodes, always available. And there’s more: they can multiply the fun with unreleased episodes and new exclusive titles connected to them such as spin-offs and short films. Are you curious to know more? We have choosen 5 TV series to watch in one breath on the streaming service and of which the end or the last episode are actually just the beginning of many other opportunities for entertainment.

5 TV series to watch in one breath on Disney +

criminal minds

Of all the procedurals, criminal minds is the most loved. So much so that the series ended in 2020 after fifteen seasons and only two years later it was brought back on the air with a partly new formula. We follow the Behavioral Analysis Unit, a special team of FBI psychocriminologists charged with studying the minds of America’s most dangerous criminals so as to guess their next moves and prevent them from striking again. In the revival Criminal Minds: Evolution, in fact season 16, the protagonists get back together to face their biggest threat yet: a killer who has taken advantage of the pandemic to build a network of other serial killers. Now, as the world restarts, that network becomes operational and the team must hunt him down… one murder at a time.

Grey’s Anatomy

On TV for almost twenty years, Grey’s Anatomy is the medical drama that made and continues to make our hearts pound and cry with the professional and personal stories of Meredith Gray and the other doctors at Seattle Grace Hospital, as well as their patients. Joy and pain, tragedy and victory, love and rupture, life and death: a great human story that over time has seen stories and characters also take unexpected paths. Like that of Dr. Addison Montgomery, who went from the third wheel in the relationship between Meredith and Derek to the protagonist of a spin-off of her all about her, then returning to those same lanes in the most recent episodes. And, speaking of spin-offs, Station 19 intertwines the stories of the firefighters of the Seattle station of the same name with those of the men and women of Gray Hospital and the police department, showing how all of them risk their lives and their hearts at work and in private as they run in help those in danger.

Watch all episodes of Greys’ Anatomy and Criminal Minds on Disney+

How I Met Your Mother

A curious idea, to tell a story starting from the end, has turned into one of the most beautiful comedies about love and friendship ever. How I Met Your Mother follows young single Ted Mosby. In 2030, we see him recounting to his children the events that, starting twenty-five years earlier, led him to meet the one who would become his wife and their mother. Accompanied and supported by his best friends, we follow Ted’s search for a soul mate in a sometimes cruel and other times romantic New York. The new series has recently flourished in the same world How I Met Your Father. New characters, opposite roles. Sophie and her tight-knit group of friends try to figure out who they are, what they want out of life, and how to fall in love in the age of dating apps. Sometimes with the surprising help of who – some of the stars of HIMYM – been there before.

Watch all episodes of How I Met Your Mother on Disney+

The Simpsons and Modern Family

The Simpsons

When you think of an animated series, you think of The Simpsons. More than 700 episodes deal with irony and intelligence many aspects of the human condition – including American culture, society, family and television – through the crazy days of the Simpsons, a typical middle-class family, and the eccentric inhabitants of Springfield . Some of the installments of the series are indelible masterpieces. How not to remember And with Maggie it’s threein which Homer tells the long story of Maggie’s birth; Who shot Mr. Burns?centered on the attempted murder of the wealthy and cruel owner of the Springfield Nuclear Power Plant; Homer at batin which Homer leads the central softball team to victory in the most embarrassing world; Mr. Snowplow, which sees Homer finally find a job he’s good at but Barney decides to compete with him; And Marge against the monorail, in which a charismatic con man convinces everyone except Marge and Lisa that the city needs a monorail. And if you don’t have enough, several short films are available on Disney+ in which, among other things, the Simpsons meet the characters from Star WarsMarvel and even the Bocellis.

Modern Family

Decade after decade, TV has brought us into the homes of American families, telling – often with irony – something about them and their times. The last to have done so, updating the definition of family to the present day, were the Pritchetts and the Dunphys, protagonists of the comedy Modern Family. Three different families (one nuclear, one blended and one rainbow), living in the Los Angeles area and kept together by wealthy entrepreneur Jay and his children Claire and Mitchell, face the situations that a little bit all families encounter in real life today. Modern Family is one of the most awarded comedies of the last decade. Its co-creator, Steven Levitanis just on Disney+ with the new Reboot, which makes fun of the increasingly widespread practice of reporting past successes on TV. It does so through the story of the dysfunctional cast of “Step Right Up”, an early 2000s sitcom, who have to deal with old unresolved issues and a changed entertainment industry when a young screenwriter successfully proposes a reboot of the series.

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