From January 1, new regulations on chargers for electricians! Each of us will have to pay for them (and it’s not enough)

If you’ve been wondering how the government will solve the infrastructure problem for electric cars, we already have a picture. The new regulations introduced in 2022 mean that every new home or company building will have to have a charger. The new regulations enter into force in the UK as early as January 1. But we can expect similar solutions also in other countries, including Poland.

New regulations – it will be more expensive


Charging an electric vehicle will be much easier – at least in the UK. According to the official announcement from the office of Prime Minister Boris Johnosn, the regulations will be announced. They will require the addition of electric vehicle charging points for every new home and business built after 2022.

The prime minister’s office says the regulations will result in 145,000 new charging points nationwide each year. Moreover, it is a very necessary step in the impending ban on the sale of new cars with gasoline or diesel engines. This will come into force in 2030 – 10 years earlier than originally planned.

Contrary to the recently signed US $ 1 trillion infrastructure bill to allow publicly available infrastructure to be built, the upcoming UK legislation will put residential buildings in the spotlight. On the one hand, this makes sense as most of the electrician charging is done at home. Therefore, every newly built residence from 2022 will have to be equipped with a charger.


As easy as Diesel

But electric vehicles will also have to be charged outside the home. The government is aware of this and wants it to be as simple as refueling. Therefore, non-residential businesses and buildings that have 10 or more parking spaces and are undergoing major renovation will be required to install chargers.

Prime Minister’s announcement: – New homes and buildings such as supermarkets and workplaces, as well as those undergoing major renovation, will have to install electric vehicle charging points from next year. Since most of the charging is done in the home, this means people will be able to buy new properties. Already ready for the future of electric cars. At the same time, we will ensure that chargers are readily available in new stores and workplaces across the UK. This will make charging as easy as refueling with gasoline or diesel today.


UK estimates of 145,000 new chargers per year double the prediction for US efforts over the same period. This means that around 1 million new chargers should be built in England by the end of the decade. While many will be located in private homes, they have the potential to drive up the cost of charging equipment significantly.

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