From Jessica Chastain’s pink make-up to Mila Kunis’ metallic: 5 beauty trends from the Oscars red carpet

The red carpet of the Oscar Awards ceremony has always been an example of style and a source of inspiration for the looks of those who I know can afford it, and not just from an economic point of view. To summarize, here are the five beauty trends identified for Ansa by Damiano Ceccarelli, owner of the Alchemica Beauty Lab salon registered with Treatwell.

Pink star of the evening

The beauty leitmotif of the whole ceremony is undoubtedly the choice of pink and its wide range of shades for eyeshadows and lipsticks. From the “make up no make” effect, created by Kirsten Dunst’s pale pink, to the brighter shades with a metallic finish worn by Mila Kunis, Becky G and Zoe Kravitz, perfect for more amber complexions with warm undertones, especially if contrast with pencils and brown shades that make the eyes pop. But also on her lips, where the soft pinks of Lily James and Billie Eilish win. Pink trend also for Jessica Chastain who had the award for best actress and was really beautiful.

The revenge of the row in the middle

The parting in the middle peeps out on the red carpet in terms of hair style and does so in all its versatility. In clean and gelled versions for gathered hair, as in the case of Vanessa Hudgens and Stephanie Beatriz who seek the lifting effect thanks to a well-drawn high chignon, but also soft and sinuous, just hinted at only on the tuft, as Maddie Ziegler and Emilia Jones do . The result is always the same: the line in the center lengthens round faces and highlights the cheekbones and eyes thanks to its ability to perfectly frame the face.

Hair and lips look

The line instead moves completely to the side for Kourtney Kardashian who explodes the glam factor with a wet effect of her cut pulled back with upturned ends. A not exactly daytime look that many other celebrities try to achieve with the application of an extra glossy tint, decidedly wet on the lips, such as Zendaya, Demi Singletong and Lupita Nyong’o in shades of pink, nude and red respectively.

Fluffy hair

And speaking of Zendaya, it’s her disheveled crop that is jaw-dropping. A fake messy and very fluffy effect that is created starting from well hydrated hair, preferably curly but not frizzy, which is air dried and gathered following the shape of the hair in the most natural way possible. Very similar to that of Uma Thurman, which is left even softer, with small tufts that fall on the forehead and ears to add charm and refinement to the whole figure.

A dash of eyeliner

No exercise in style for the masters of eyeliner: having abandoned graphics and particularly bright colours, the line is light and almost always black again. B(l)ack to basic then for Zoe Kravitz, Billie Eilish and Nicole Kidman who, compared to the first two, indulge in bright red lipstick – an isolated case of this red carpet – but who maintain a very natural make-up look. The common matrix? The desire for simplicity, the sense of freshness and brightness at the same time for the most awaited red carpet of the whole year.

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