From Lady Spencer to the new Mrs. Beckham: all the Barbie girls

Barbie girl

Nicola Peltz and Lady Eliza Spencer: angelic beauties (Instagram images @nicolaannepeltzbeckham @elizavspencer)

Long and fluffy blonde hair, big eyes, little French nose, smile with very white teeth. And then statuesque and perfect physique. Thinking of these beauty characteristics, she can only come to mind, Barbie, the most famous doll in the world. It will be that the toy most loved by girls has never gone out of fashion, it will be that there is great anticipation for the Greta Gerwig film, the fact is that Barbie is back on the crest of the wave.

Everyone wants to look like the Californian blonde who never gets old. Or, rather, to Margot Robbie, who in the film to be released in 2023 she plays this role alongside Ryan Gosling in the role of Ken.

In reality, however, Margot is not the only celeb who looks like Barbie: da Anya Taylor-Joy to the new Mrs Beckham, Nicola Peltz. And the royal world is no less: who could not consider the Spencer sistersKitty, Amelia and Eliza, perfect royal Barbies?

Barbie, beauty icon

Perfect and beautiful. There are no other ways to define the most loved doll ever. Barbie’s features are designed to enhance the quintessential classic beauty: from big blue eyes to heart-shaped lips, from cheekbones sculpted to an upturned nose. Even the eyebrows are perfectly designed with gull wings. And then the very blond hair: whether it is straight or with soft waves, it is always crease-proof. Finally the physique: Barbie has a fairytale princess body, with Champagne cup breasts, narrow waist and very long legs.

Like any self-respecting Californian, she is perfectly tanned and her golden skin is in harmony with her platinum hair. Over the years, many versions of the doll have been created, from dark to red hair, also inspired by characters who have marked history in the most diverse fields. But the classic and original version remains in the imagination of young and old: Barbie Superstar with shocking pink clothes.

Margot Robbie on the set of Barbie

To imitate the beauty doll, Margot had to do little: she lightened up the lengths that now appear in a platinum blonde version. And review the crease a bit, moved by fluffy waves, just like the ones the doll sports in some versions. It is no coincidence that she was chosen to play this role. Look at her close-up. Margot has the typical features of a beauty doll: from the oval of the face to the large light eyes and blond hair. All embellished with the typical Barbie make-up: peach lipstick, rosy blush and lots and lots of mascara.

All like Barbie

And then there is Nicholas Peltznewly wed of Brooklyn Beckham: the round face is typical of a dolly, in addition to green eyes and long blonde hair. Not to mention the Spencer sisters: Lady Diana’s three nieces have an angelic, refined and elegant beauty. The facial features are perfect, complexion, eyes and hair in splendid color harmony. Their bodies are also long-limbed and of impeccable proportions. Impossible not to think of them as living Barbies.

Even Beatrice Borromeo could be a modern Barbie. Remember when she showed off the heart-shaped glasses, the same ones worn by the doll many years ago? And then there are Anya Taylor-Joy, Gigi Hadid, Blake Lively. All different but with one beauty trait in common: Barbie beauty.

Discover all the stars who look like Barbie in the gallery.


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