From Madonna to Lady Gaga: 5 music videos (+1) to celebrate the community of LGBTQ+

The world of music, in the course of the years, he has often dedicated songs to the theme of freedom of sexual orientation. Some artists, such as the Village People and Miley Cyrus, have become true icons of the gay community. In the month dedicated to the Pride, here is a selection of the songs symbol of pride LGBTQ+

By the ’70s, the music has dedicated a number of songs to the gay community, telling its history and supporting the freedom of sexual orientation. By the Village People Lady Gaga, a lot of bands and stars have become true icons of the world LGBTQ+. With meaningful lyrics that tell of the desire to be oneself, to songs or cheerful and funny on how to do coming out with the family, here is a selection of 5 music videos that celebrate the gay pride (plus the bonus of a sixth piece out of the top five, but it deserves the full right to be mentioned).

Village People – “Y. M. C. A.”

“Y. M. C. A.” Village People is one of the most famous hit of the disco music. The title of the song is the theme song of “Young Men’s Christian Association”, an organization founded in London in 1844 in the christian environment of the gospel. Output in 1978, the song is among the 40 singles that have sold more than 10 million copies worldwide. Built by the Village People, a group born in the gay clubs, “Y. M. C. A.” is recognized as the song symbol of the movement for homosexual. “When I wrote it I had no idea that it would become one of the songs in the most iconic of the world”, said Victor Willis, “policeman” of the group.

Madonna – “Vogue”


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Written by Madonna and Shep Pettibone, “Vogue” is a single released in April of 1990 with 6 million copies sold in the world. In the video Madonna launches fashion of a dance, the vogueingup-to-then very popular in the local gay americans. The movements consist in imitating the plastic poses of male and female models who often appeared on the covers of the eponymous fashion magazine. The song urges us to escape from the monotony of life. The video is at the 28th place in the ranking of the best music clips of the Rolling Stone magazine.

Scissor SisterS – “Take Your Mama”


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The dilemma of coming out becomes a pure comedy in the video of the Scissor Sisters: “Take Your Mama”. We are in 2004 and the song marks the debut of the glam rock band the american. How to say to the mom of your sexual orientation? Bringing it out all night and possibly drunk.

Lady Gaga – “Born This Way”


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A text in which Lady Gaga takes sides openly in defence of the differences of any type is to “Born This Way”, song of 2011, became an anthem of the contemporary gay community. “I was born this way”, just the three words of the title of the song to define the message of the song that won the top of the charts in 16 Countries. The video begins with the artist who proclaims: “This is the manifesto of mother’s the monster” and continues with the account of the beginning of the world, a world without prejudice but full of freedom.

Macklemore & Ryan Lewis – “Same Love”


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The question of the rights of gays and lesbians is told also in “Same Love”, the single from the rap duo american Macklemore & Ryan Lewis with the participation of Mary Lambert. The song focuses on the legalization of homosexual marriages. The music video, posted on YouTube in 2012, got 350 views in 24 hours from the debut and has received an award at the MTV Video Music Awards 2013 in the category best video with a social message.

Miley Cyrus – “Mother’s Daughter”


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In addition to the 5 songs mentioned above, a bonus goes to the newly single Miley Cyrus: “Mother’s Daughter” of 2019. In the video of the song, the singer, who is often called pansexual, makes you look queer, transgender, and his own mother. The song has been described as an anthem of female emancipation, to self-determination and sexual freedom.

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