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Tell me how you dress for the holidays and I’ll tell you who you are. Or quite the opposite: according to the archetype method, who you are (and how you are made) can suggest the look to adopt (in everyday life and yes, even at Christmas and New Year’s). It is an Anglo-Saxon method born in the 1940s which is based on the co-presence, in all of us, of Yin and Yang: masculine and feminine forces that are found in the lines of the face, body and muscles, but also in psychological traits.

The seven main models and their characteristics

Alessandra Ambrosini, an Italian personal stylist based in Glasgow, Scotland, explains it to us. «All people are a mix of these two principles-she says-And on this basis there were 7 main models (the archetypes, in fact). The method created by Belle Northrup, teacher of Applied Arts at Columbia University, aims to give everyone the opportunity to build a personal style that manages to blend body geometries with the psychology of the individual».

And among the various color schemes and styling based on the physique (pear, apple or other fruit), the pleasant note is that it is about accepting one’s being. “Instead of changing who you are, this model tells you to accept yourself and play the cards that mother nature has given you – explains Alessandra – Because the colors in the palette are fine, but maybe there are others that represent us more”. In short, how to dress for Christmas and New Year’s our archetype can suggest it to us. Here are the seven models and all their related must-haves.

DRAMATIC, the leading woman

An example? Victoria Beckham: austere, decisive and sometimes a little intimidating, she expresses her strength and concreteness with her way of being and dressing. Her look? Under the banner of the cutting edge, verticalization and metallic materials. For the holidays, therefore, green light for suit suits, stilettos and bright under-jacket.

NATURAL, the bohemian wannabe

Comfort, convenience and flowing lines: the look of the natural woman evokes nature and practicality. Who like her? Jennifer Aniston and Lady Diana, two natural beauties whose looks have made history. Natural is the queen of the Christmas Jumper: go ahead, for her, with oversizes, maxi skirts, teddy coats and other cozy elements.

GAMINE, the eternal child

In French it literally means “little girl”: it is not for nothing that Audrey Hepburn, Audrey Tatou and our Rita Pavone belong to the Gamine archetype. She’s not the only one who can afford glitter minis, eighties ankle boots and brightly colored blazers, but probably the one who will wear them best.

CLASSIC, the perfect balance

She is the figure that perfectly combines Yin and Yang elements: both physically and psychologically, no element in her breaks the harmony. Just like Kate Middleton, everyone’s favorite future queen, basically perfect on every occasion even if she were Mary Poppins. What would she put to New Year’s? A beautiful tartan sheath dress, a red Christmas coat, a very classic Chanel.

INGENUE, innocence

Small, sweet and delicate: the ingénue is unaware of her own sensuality, she prefers light colors and small details. A rouche here and there, a bow: like Lily Collins, protagonist of Emily in Paris (who for fiction reasons has a more showy style, but in reality is the prototype of the ingénue). For the holidays yes to the luminous crown, to the sweater with bow, to the Mary Jane maybe in red patent leather.

ROMANTIC, the femme fatale

Sensuality and mature femininity, medium-small stature and predilection for drapes and shiny fabrics, preferably in intense shades. Like the queen of divas, Marilyn Monroe. That for Christmas 2022 she would surely wear velvet dresses, Tsarina coats and flashy earrings.

ETHEREAL, the fairy

The representative of extreme Yin looks like a creature that came directly from the world of fairy tales: a fairy, an elf (see the entry Liv Tyler, the Arwen of the Lord of the Rings). The watchword for them is lightness, fluidity, vertical lines like waterfalls in some enchanted forest. Green light for light and bright colored silk and gold details.

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