From Scratch, the differences between book and TV series with Zoe Saldana

From Scratch – The strength of a love is a drama TV series distributed by Netflix based on the memoir of the same name. But what are the differences between the two products?

Zoe Saldana has been able to conquer Hollywood with its flexibility. Many of you probably didn’t even recognize her in Avatars, yet plays the blue-skinned co-star. As well as in Guardians of the Galaxy brought to life the character of Gamora (also in this case adapting to a fluorescent green shade). But in From Scratch – The strength of a lovethe actress plays a woman who falls in love with an Italian chef.

From Scratch. Credits: Courtesy of Netflix – VelvetMag

The television series debuted on Netflix in October 2022 and, with its dramatic tone, has won the hearts of the most romantic. The story told is taken from the namesake novel from Tembi Locke, who also figures in the project as a producer. Her memoir is called From Scratch: A Memoir of Love, Sicily, and Finding Home. But what are the differences between the TV series and the novel?

From Scratch: differences between book and TV series

The plot is almost similar in both cases. The protagonist, Amy, takes a break from studying law and approaches art by spending a short time in Florence. Here he meets a young local chef and the two fall in love. When it comes time to go home, Amy asks the boy to make a decision and the chef drops everything about her to follow her to America. And their love story is a swing of emotions, equally divided between joys and pains. The transposition of Netflix is very faithful to the novel as it is a memoir, but still has some differences. The most obvious is the choice of names of the characters, who change in the TV series. While in the novel the protagonists are Tembi And I will bein From Stratch they are called Amy And Linen (the latter played by Eugenio Mastrandrea).

From Scratch tv series book differences
From Scratch. Credits: Courtesy of Netflix – VelvetMag

The little girl they adopt, however, in the novel is called Zoelawhile in the TV series Idalia. Another difference noted by readers is that in the memoir the couple visits Sicily to join Lino’s sister who has just become a mother. In the TV series, however, they sacrifice their honeymoon to reach Aliminusa. Another difference between book and TV series is how it was remembered Linus after his death. In the novel, Amy collects i beans from the garden of her husband and asks her mother-in-law how to cook them for dinner. In From Scratchhowever, the family honors the chef’s memory by preparing one of their own favorite recipes to then consume the meal in the fields of olive trees that he loved so much.

differences tv series book From Scratch
From Scratch. Credits: Courtesy of Netflix – VelvetMag

Finally, another important difference concerns one of the scenes involving Amy’s mother-in-law, Filomena. During the TV series, the woman shows the protagonist which clothes she would like to be buried in one day. Since the novel is set in three different summers, this scene was therefore anticipated and, as Collider reports, it could also be a ploy on the part of the authors to promote a second season (not yet confirmed by Netflix). The differences between the book and the TV series in this case are not very many, also because the writer was actively involved in the project and was perhaps able to mediate. The beating heart remains in any case the love hey ties of the life.

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