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Tomorrow begins the last pre-vote week. Five days that will close one of the ugliest and dirtiest election campaigns in memory. Perhaps due to its brevity or perhaps due to the totally unpredictable circumstances that led to the dissolution of the Chambers, the fact is that in these days all colors have been seen. From the vandalized electoral gazebos to the center-right militants taken to bolted from the antagonists of the extreme left, up to the most classic of rudeness: the tampering of posters and leaflets whether they are displayed in paper or digital form. Almost all of these treacherous operations were carried out against Lega and Fratelli d’Italia. In short, those who embody the populist and fascist danger take them; those who cry out for peace and democracy in danger beat like blacksmiths.

Melons?  Of this type of woman ...: Elly Schlein, hate-Pd from the Annunciation

One of the latest complaints in chronological order is that of the Undersecretary for Ecological Transition Vannia Gava. The Northern League, a candidate for Politics, realized that overnight someone had snatched all the electoral posters displayed on the municipal notice boards. “Tearing a manifesto means scarring democracy – explained the exponent of the Carroccio with a statement -, putting a stop to pluralism, in other words not respecting the other”. And again: «Go ahead: for every manifesto you tear, there will be a few more citizens who will vote for it and realize how much you are not ready to take on government responsibilities at the local and national level. Solidarity with other friends and colleagues of the League, candidates and victims, like me, of this stupidity ».

Another emblematic episode occurred in the United States where a member of Com.It.Es of Huston (elected bodies of the Italian community abroad that refers to the Farnesina) posted a video on Instagram in which you can see the flyer of the center-right candidate Andrea Di Giovanni facing upside down. In the video then the exponent of Com.It.Es, speaking of the Brothers of Italy and “the rebrending of Meloni”, explains that “there is a hard core that is of fascists, of people of the extreme right who she will be elected with the Brothers of Italy and we will meet with these people in Parliament ». To accompany the story with Di Giovanni’s flyer there are also comments such as “I thought of the Sopranos” (the TV series about an Italian-American mafia family, ed).

It's not normal.  Giorgia Meloni from Giletti, who bombs the center-right

A circumstance that made Andrea Di Giovanni go on a rampage: “After the publication of that video my family received threats – he explains to Free – and my kids were asked if I was a mobster. But do you realize how far the propaganda against the center-right has reached? ». Di Giovanni, however, will not be idle and has already prepared a case, or rather three: “One in Rome, one in Miami and one in Houston.”

For the sake of completeness, it must be said that the members of Com.It.Es can campaign privately, while it is forbidden to do so using the means, including economic ones, of the Committee. But certainly posting a flyer with an upside-down candidate has little to do with an election campaign. Another rather sparkling situation is that of Milan where only yesterday the gazebos of Fratelli d’Italia (pictured above) located in Piazza Cairoli, one of Action in Piazza Wagner and one of the Democratic Party in Viale Papiniano were vandalized. The protagonists are two young hooded men who threw eggs full of paint shouting “Never with the Democratic Party”. In recent days, again in Papiniano, a garrison of FdI was vandalized by four anarchists who were stopped by the police. In short, the climate of hatred established by the ideological battles of the center-left begins to bear fruit. Although (perhaps) not only those hoped for …

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