From Under The Fountains In Dota 2 Removed The Tables For Artifact


On the night of February 20, the developers of Dota 2 released a patch that removed tables and imps from Artifact from the Dire and Radiant fountains. They were added to DotA immediately after the release of KKI.

The artifact was the first Valve project that the company advertised inside Dota 2. Despite this, the Richard Garfield project lost most players in a few months. On February 12, the peak daily online CCR fell below a thousand people.

In late January, Valve released a patch on Artifact, which changed the value of a number of items. At the end of the list of changes, it was stated that the developers are planning to further develop the game. Before its release, the companies also promised to hold a tournament at CCB, whose participants would have played a million dollars. Since then, the fate of the championship representatives Valve not expressed.


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