from weakness to dizziness, watch out for these symptoms

The hot he doesn’t want to leave, he doesn’t talk about anything else and we can’t take it anymore. The human organism is structured to maintain a temperature that fluctuates by one or two degrees around 37 °, and when it is in extreme conditions it can suffer serious injuries, even fatal. With the cold it is easier: you cover yourself and pass. But with the heat of these days? The organism can defend itself up to a certain point with the sweating which transforms part of the body heat into water vapor and with the irradiation of the heat towards the cold when it comes into contact with environments at a lower temperature.

Cnr, 2022 could be the hottest year ever. Record figures also for drought.

But those who work without air conditioning, wait for the bus at the bus stop for tens of minutes, live in an old hospice or spend many hours of the day outdoors, no longer know how to do it. Experts classify the damage caused by scorching temperatures into two broad categories: lheat exhaustion and heat stroke. Symptoms of the former, if underestimated, can quickly lead to the latter, which can be deadly. If after staying for a long time in a very hot environment you feel weakness, blurred vision, nausea, vomiting, dizziness, a faster heartbeat, excessive sweating, and if the temperature is between 37 ° and 40 ° and blood pressure has dropped, it is almost certain that you are a victim of heat exhaustion. It is cured with a little rest in a cool environment, and with the reintegration of salts with drinks that contain them.
Much more serious is heatstroke, which mainly affects the elderly and children, but which is sometimes fatal even for young athletes who train in high temperatures or for those who perform intense physical activity under the sun. Symptoms are dizziness, lightheadedness, weakness, poor motor coordination, clumsiness, headache. The skin becomes red and dry, sweating is profuse, the body temperature exceeds 40 ° and sometimes reaches the extreme notch of mercury thermometers. Without prompt treatment, 80% of people suffering from heatstroke die. An ambulance must be called immediately and, while waiting for it to arrive, cool the body by immersing it in a lake, a river, a fountain, a bathtub. The elderly are more at risk, because with age the number of sweat glands decreases and the blood circulates with less intensity, cooling less. Those suffering from diabetes or dysfunctions of the heart, lungs, liver and kidneys risk that their pathology is aggravated by heat stroke and for this, hospitalization is essential.

According to research conducted in the United States, high temperatures also have negative consequences for mental health. Warmer days in New York were found to have increased hospital admissions for substance abuse, mood disorders, bouts of schizophrenia, and cases of sudden dementia. A study conducted by Boston University concluded that heat exhaustion, heatstroke and dehydration are only a small part of the problems caused to the body by high temperatures. Heat also causes kidney dysfunction, skin infections, lung and liver damage, and increases the number of premature births. Climate change experts say it will get worse and worse and that we need to prepare to experience summers in another way. Better to start immediately, not going out between 12 and 15 if it is not really necessary, wearing loose and comfortable linen or cotton clothes that facilitate the perspiration of the skin, covering the head with wide-brimmed hats, or perhaps protecting yourself with an umbrella when you have to walk a long time under the sun. Drink at regular intervals, even when you are not thirsty. Take refuge in an air-conditioned supermarket or department store as soon as you feel symptoms of fatigue and weakness. And be careful to protect children. The temperature inside a car parked in the sun goes from 27 to 49 degrees in 15 minutes, just the time it takes to go on that errand leaving the child, or even just the dog, in the car.


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