Futura Expo, extraordinary experiences to do: we have tried them for you

Futura Expo it is a dip in the world of tomorrow. A fair where, in addition to visiting the stands and discovering all the news on the environment and sustainability, it is possible to have immersive and unprecedented experiences. Admission is free, to access the event and participate in all congresses and conferences just register on the official Futura website.

We have tried some experiences for you, just to give you a taste, but the invitation is to take advantage of the opportunity and come in person to discover the world that awaits us tomorrow.

Try driving a tractor

The tractor driving simulation in Confagricoltura

There is no better way to bring young people closer to agriculture than to combine fun and technology. The idea of ​​Confagricoltura Brescia has therefore hit the mark: many onlookers, especially very young people, have been able to experience working in the fields driving a tractor thanks to the simulation videogame Framing Simulator. Three screens, a steering wheel and console-style controls to allow everyone to live the experience in contact with the virtual earth.


Meditation course at the Terme di Sirmione stand

Even in everyday life, taking care of yourself with small gestures can lead to a better future in terms of health. Terme di Sirmione proposes to try yoga and mindfulness courses, which together with many other small precautions help prevent chronic diseases. This too is in a certain sense sustainability.

Monitor the brain’s reactions to kombucha

Thimus’s study

Thimus allows you to understand what happens in people’s brains when they taste kombucha, a fermented drink. The experience lasts 20 minutes: an encephalogram records the neurophysiological trace of the people wearing the helmet. The analysis leads to the definition of levels of relaxation, emotional involvement and satisfaction.

Become a quiz champion

The editor of the Giornale di Brescia, Nunzia Vallini

There are companies that have been dealing with sustainability for unsuspected times, since no one was talking about it yet. Among these, the Brescia-based Raffmetal and Fondital, present together with Futura Expo. Raffmetal’s core business is recycling and they are the leading producers of aluminum alloys in Europe. Fondital has been a leader in fusion for over 50 years. Together, they entered the automotive industry. At Futura Expo they propose to visitors to put themselves to the test with tests to understand how much they know about sustainability. Three quizzes of 6 questions each: the result can be ambassador, knight or king of sustainability. At the end, official photograph with the certificate. In addition, there are educational workshops for children where aluminum toy cars are created.

Touch the chassis of a Ferrari

The super light frame manufactured by Omr

The evolution from the past to today and from today to the future. Where in the past steel was used to make car frames while today aluminum is used, which is much lighter and more powerful. From an environmental point of view, the objective that OMR has set itself was to use an alloy with a lower environmental impact. The test was carried out on two alloys: they managed to reduce emissions by 20%.

Cycling on the water

Cycling on water with A2A

A virtual bike ride along the Brescia water route. A2A’s idea presented to Futura Expo combines technology and real effort, in an immersive experience designed to make people discover the water resources of the city. The water cycle path. From the source to the river leads the virtual tourist from the Fonte di Mompiano to the Verziano purifier, touching ten stages thanks to augmented reality.

In fact, while the person is pedaling, in front of him on the screen of a tablet, the path is shown, a 20-kilometer journey into the watery heart of the Lioness. Virtual and physical it was said, because the water cycle path actually exists: the cycle and pedestrian road was created by the Municipality of Brescia.

Travel in Space with Vir viewers

Traveling in space thanks to the viewers

Inside the Neosperience stand, visitors can wear a Vir viewer and try the experience of orbiting the Earth, accompanied by cinematic music, and live an experience similar to that of astronauts inside the International Space Station.

See an electric car from 1924

An electric car already existed in 1924

What if they told you that electric cars were already roaming the streets of cities in 1924? It is not a joke but the truth testified by the Detroit Electric Model 95 exhibited by the 1000 Miglia Green. Owned by the Milanese Scuderia Sant Ambroeus, the car is fully electric, capable of reaching 40 kilometers per hour and with a maximum range of 96 kilometers. Another curiosity: it does not have a steering wheel, it drives like a carriage. One hundred years ahead.

Taste the cricket flour

Chef at work with cricket flour

Chef Loris Caporizzi, 23, cooks traditional Brescia dishes with cricket flour. A curious way to combine culture and innovation in the kitchen and discover new tastes, the result of sustainable choices and that know how to look to the future, including food.

Get into a self-driving car

Rob-Y, the self-driving car

Drive alone and you can try it in the Brixia Expo car park. Is called Rob-Y, is equipped with sensors that recognize pedestrian crossings, sees obstacles and is able to brake on its own. A self-driving vehicle made in collaboration by Streparava and E-Shock.

Drinking coffee made in a giant eco-moka

Aido’s giant mocha

A mocha made with recycled aluminum, using products that have reached the end of their life. The main feature of aluminum is that it is 100% recyclable endless times, without losing its characteristics. Furthermore, recycling aluminum takes only 5% of the energy it would take to process bauxite, the mineral from which it derives. This mocha is the tallest of the lot (3 meters) and is capable of making 50 coffees at a time.

Control the consumption of an energy community

Monitor the consumption of a miniature energy community

Energy communities represent a great opportunity for territories and citizens, who can transform themselves from mere consumers into energy producers. The Torri Solare company, which produces photovoltaic panels, therefore wanted to scale a model of a sustainable energy community, controlled by software capable of evaluating production, consumption and energy saving.

Discover the Brescia area with a virtual trip

You travel without moving with Visit Brescia

From the city, with its cultural heritage, to the province: from the Padernello castle up to the Vittoriale degli Italiani. An immersive 3D video to let the tourist enter our province. Then we talk about sustainability, focusing on greenery and nature: from Valcamonica, a UNESCO heritage site, to the Iseo and Garda lakes. A 360-degree journey into the green world of the Brescia area.

Getting to know a banking robot

Pepper welcomes customers to the branch

That technology has entered with arrogance in credit institutions is nothing new. It is not obvious that a robot can facilitate work at a counter and at the same time help customers. With the humanoid Pepper Intesa Sanpaolo also wanted to break down this barrier, experimenting with its use in a bank.

Turn on a street lamp that lights up in the rain

The Palazzoli street lamp

Palazzoli presents a new lamppost that exploits the reflecting power of water in case of rain. Thanks to a camera, the street lamp detects the presence of people and vehicles and consequently modulates the intensity. It is a prototype created on the occasion of Futura Expo.

Learning with comics

The cartoonist Gud at work in the A2A stand

The cartoonist Gud at the A2A stand gives some lessons to primary school children. The protagonist is his main character, Timothy Top, with an exceptional green thumb. The workshop also continues on Monday and Tuesday.

See artificial intelligence at work in the pipeline

How artificial intelligence works on the construction site

Iobo is the application of artificial intelligence to safety on the construction site. The camera combined with the AI ​​allows you to understand if workers are wearing safety devices and send alerts.

Go to science class with the robot teacher

The robot teacher who teaches Stem subjects

Edo (educational doing) is a manipulator robot created 3 years ago. It is used in schools, universities and companies. It is a means of learning Stem subjects such as science, math, engineering and programming. It is used through an application that is given commands (tasks).