Futuro exacts revenge in Juan Arias Classic

With superb driving by leader Robert Capriles, the 4-year-old chestnut horse Futuro managed to win by 1/2 length over Amelzado, a filly finisher, after taking the lead approaching the final 700 meters to capture the total Clásico Juan Arias. A time of 97”3 for Stud Perseverance at the hands of trainer Juan Carlos Garcia.

Thus, the King of Speed, Caribbean 2022: Future, took revenge this time after failing twice and now with new colors in a brilliant campaign in the sands of Caracas, taking his sixth place in 12 appearances. , now to owner William Guevara.

The contest started with a passage of 22”2 and a strong battle between Master Shot, Barrywhite and Catire Pedro at the start and continued in a great battle with Futuro, Barrywhite and Catire Pedro at 45”3.

He signaled 70″2 and Futuro took the lead and after dodging some traffic Amelzado got a pass on the outside, and they came to fight in the final stretch, with Futuro ahead and Amelzado forces on the outside.

They reached the finish line, and Temple City’s son, Futuro, was left with the win in the Garden Princess from the Salis family’s Los Caracaros stud farm.

Amelzado classified second with Cipriano Gil, who fell with “his boots on” and third slipped from Shakman after a poor start from the starting ring.

The fourth was Materi and the fifth closed the board Catire Pedro.

successful cindy

Amazon Cindy Carrero aboard Suleiman managed to win in third valid of 5 and 6 for the route of 1,100 meters in a time of 68″ 1″, thereby defeating the son of Vacay in his 27th occasion as a loser. Took in Studd Pelagio’s jacket.

And right after the mandatory photo the rider indicated: “I dedicate this victory to all the mothers of Venezuela in their day, I am very happy with the victory.”

The third line before the final curve, which was crucial to take the win in the 5 and 6 Nationals.

Medina with three

Young apprentice Hermixon Medina managed to visit the winners’ park three times on Sunday afternoon in Caracas.

Medina made his record debut with El Gran Ciclon in the second fair, clocking 65″ 3″ in a good performance for the stud MM.

And in the third contest, rookie Medina raced from end to end on Miss Mireya for the 1,300 meters at La Gran Miera Stud, and finished second with an overall time of 79.4.

And the third picture was taken with the Valiants team leading with a time of 86″ at the start of rounds 5 and 6, after showing their full potential at Paraguana Park, to continue winning the series, and now they It does so in the majestic oval from Caracas.

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