Gabriela Pugliesi announces that she is pregnant for the first time

The digital influencer Gabriela Pugliesi (36) delighted her fans by announcing that she will be a mom! She is pregnant with her first child with her boyfriend, Tulio Dek (37). The star made the announcement with a video on social media on Monday, 9.

Gabriela Pugliesi said that she is happy to announce the pregnancy after spending a long period doing treatments to get pregnant when she was in an old relationship. Now, she has revealed that she was able to get pregnant naturally and without treatments.

I dreamed of that day, saying I’m pregnant! I saved the two tests I took on March 6th, and then I took the one that shows up pregnant. I know it worked on the day because I already took this test and it had never been positive, so I knew that on the day it did, I was. I wanted to talk a lot beyond that I’m pregnant, I want to give hope to women trying to have children because I know how painful the process is“, she said.

Then, she talked about the strength she needed to have when she tried to get pregnant and couldn’t, and also talked about her faith. “A woman is a very strong animal, we are capable of handling everything! The stronger sex is us. And now my story gets really good. First, because I am always reborn from the ashes as many times as necessary, but I didn’t even expect what happened to me in my wildest dreams. I always say it’s to trust life and deliver, because God knows everything”, declared.

Soon after, Pugliesi even commented on having his son in a more peaceful and peaceful phase of his life. “I’m pregnant with the love of my life without any treatment, without planning, without trying, it happened in the most natural way possible. When I speak of God’s plans, this is a clear example. When I was trying to get pregnant and couldn’t, I never questioned why. Even with the frustration that every month, I knew it would come at the right time. And today I say that again. When the whole phase of anguish and uncertainty passes, he came in the most magical way of all. When it had to come, when I was at peace, when I was living my life with fewer rules, fewer restrictions. I strongly believe that the issue of motherhood is closely linked to our emotional state. I’m so at peace that the baby thought: ‘now I’m going’. Deu was preparing all this with all the love in the world. I just had to make tough decisions, surrender to life”, declared.

Watch the full video of Gabriela Pugliesi announcing her pregnancy:

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