Galaxy S21 Ultra gains Pro mode in telephoto

The camera in the Galaxy S21 Ultra has great possibilities. However, its owners have so far not been able to use the Pro mode in the case of a telephoto lens. Now Samsung has finally added support for it, although there is one “catch”.

Pro Mode is finally available for the Galaxy S21 Ultra’s telephoto lens, but you need a separate app

The vast majority of users simply pick up their smartphone, launch the camera app, take a picture, and put the device back in their pocket. However, there is a group that spends a lot of time setting all the parameters on their own to obtain the desired, often spectacular effect.

In the case of the Galaxy S21 Ultra, the Pro mode is available in the camera application only for the main lens and the ultra-wide angle lens – not for the telephoto lens (unfortunately for its owners). However, this just changes because Samsung announced the release of the Expert RAW application.

Yes, unfortunately yes – Pro mode has not been added to the system camera app. For people who know how individual parameters affect the final effect, this should not be a problem – after all, it is usually done by users who know their stuff and know what effect they want to achieve.

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The Expert RAW application (in beta) can be downloaded from the Galaxy Store (at least in South Korea at the moment). It is available only for the Galaxy S21 Ultra model with One UI 4 installed. This is not an obstacle, however, because it has been made available to users all over the world, including Poland.

Galaxy S21 Ultra Pro Expert RAW mode
source: Samsung

Samsung declares that the Expert RAW application has been prepared to reduce noise, increase sharpness and detail, and increase the dynamic range to capture more information from both dark and bright areas in one photo.

Users can, among others set ISO, shutter speed, focus point, white balance and view the histogram. In addition, the application provides HDR support and the ability to save files in lossless JPEG and RAW 16bit. Samsung has also prepared profiles for Lightroom.

These functions are available for each camera – main, ultra-wide angle and both telephoto lenses (3x and 10x).

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