Gas price ceiling, “towards consensus among EU countries”

A “consensus” is being formed among the EU countries on the need to adopt measures such as a cap on the price of gas and reform the electricity market to unhook the price of electricity from that of methane, which until a few months ago was considered “a heresy”. This was explained in Brussels, on the sidelines of the General Affairs Council, by the Spanish Secretary of State for European Affairs, Pascual Navarro Rios.

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“The proposal for a regulation” presented by the Commission, which focuses among other things on energy saving, “advances” in the Council, says Navarro. “There are some difficulties, on the compulsory reduction of demand in some moments, but Spain is confident that it can be approved on September 30. The gas price cap is not exactly there, but Spain supports it: it is like exporting the Iberian solution. to the rest of Europe. Speaking with some of my Nordic colleagues, they said ‘it’s curious that months ago it was a heresy to talk about reform of the electricity market, because the market works. We realized that the market doesn’t work’ “.

“A gas price ceiling must be addressed – he continues – they understand. Reducing imports, consumption and the price of gas is absolutely necessary. We must continue the policy of replacing fossil fuels with renewables. I believe that a consensus is being opened. : some countries, which are very dependent, almost 100%, on gas have some practical difficulties, but I believe that a consensus is really forming on this series of measures “, he concludes.

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