Gas to the stars? Lidl launches the electric pan on offer

Attention to Lidl’s proposals for an appliance useful for varying the type of kitchen, the electric pan

LIDL electric frying pan offered
LIDL Electric Frying Pan (Official Lidl Website)

Here is an interesting proposal for to vary the cooking methods available in the kitchen of Italians, especially useful in particular conditions of use. We talk about the electric pan. Attached to the normal electrical network of the house, it allows you not to need gas to prepare dishes and dishes of all kinds.

This product proves particularly useful in all those occasions where the normal gas cooker is not available. So for stays, for example, in accommodations that do not include a gas stove. Or if the cylinder used to power the oven and stove is exhausted. A comfortable instrument however not only special conditions, but for those who want to alternate different types of cooking.

The electric pan alternative to the use of gas

LIDL electric frying pan
LIDL (Official Lidl Website)

There Lidl presents to its customers the multipurpose electric pan with a diameter of 33 centimetri, therefore enough to prepare a large amount of different foods. These are some of his features techniques:

  • continuous temperature regulation with removable thermostat;
  • also usable as a wok;
  • with non-stick coating;
  • the heat-resistant glass lid with vent valve;
  • overheating protection;
  • well 1800-2200 Watts;
  • the capacity 4.9 liters.

So a variety of uses and methods of use also not as an electrical appliance, but as a common everyday pan. The offer is also very interesting from a price point of view: 49 euros to confection, which makes the product competitive with similar items. The electric frying pan is available in the outlets of the brand of German origin from the day October 3.

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For this product the possibility is not excluded that, in rare cases and despite the continuous supply, yes run out within a short period of time in supermarkets. So better hurry if you decide to buy it. The product warranty is of ben 3 yearstherefore exploitable for a long time to know it and to obtain the best results.

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It should be emphasized that being usable also as wok without the need for connection to the electricity grid, the opportunities for use grow considerably, even beyond energy consumption. The images of the article are available with all the technical features on the official website of Lidl.

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