Gate masks, a document would nail Zingaretti’s sister

New episode of gate bezels which calls into question the Lazio and its president Nicola Zingaretti. The reference is to the story that dates back to March 2020, when the Region bought 35 million euros worth of masks with a direct assignment and without any public notice. 11 million euros in advance to a light bulb company – la Ecotech – to bring to the Civil Protection of protective devices that still have never been delivered today.

The gate bezels

“Let’s hope we haven’t been scammed”, explained Zingaretti in April 2020 to the microphones of the Monteleone hyena. But at the moment the Prosecutor at the Court of Auditors does not consider the president of Lazio, at the time secretary Pd, the cheated. The 56-year-old is under investigation by the Court of Auditors, which also believes his sister was involved in the investigation. In this regard, a document unpublished that would directly involve Angela Zingaretti and made known by Le Iene.

Returning to the dawn of the gate masks, the now famous Ecotech had never managed business of that type and size. Segio Mondin admitted that he did not meet two deadlines, but also pointed out that part of the masks would have arrived and stopped at customs. TheExcise, Customs and Monopoly Agencywho said she was completely unrelated to the story. “The masks have been cleared through customs and ADM therefore no longer has any competence in this regard. The goods were not collected due to a dispute between the Lazio Region and EcoTech which mainly concerned storage costs. A story that has therefore led to a stalemate “the clarification.

But there is something wrong with the choice of position as well. The Lazio Region has in fact purchased the masks at a much higher price than that proposed in another offer received. 3.60 euros for the FFP2 and 3.90 euros for the FFP3, discarding an offer for the exact same masks at 2.53 euros. A difference of 13 million euros.

Angela Zingaretti is the pilates teacher

Ecotech was helped by some inexperienced intermediaries. Just think of Ivan Gilardicommercial consultant: he came into contact with the administration thanks to his father Bruno, former karate master of Andrea Coccoor the deputy head of cabinet of Zingaretti. “I called Cocco and he told me I could speak to Dr. Leodori (vice president of the Lazio Region, ed)”the confirmation of the man in Le Iene.

In short, the suppliers were chosen unwisely. But also with more or less evident links with the Democratic Party and with Zingaretti’s collaborators. Another example, the director of Civil Protection Carmelo Tulumello he had been a candidate for mayor in Fara in Sabina and directly supported by Zingaretti.

As regards Angela Zingaretti, the Prosecutor of the Court of Auditors states that“Zingaretti’s sister, although not an employee of the Lazio Region, played an active role in channeling possible mask suppliers, thus implying such a direct involvement of the President of the Region in the management of the supplies of masks as to include his family members “.

Everything comes from the entrepreneur Filippo Moroni, which had sent much lower price estimates to the Region than those of Ecotech. The document that would indirectly link the entrepreneur to Zingaretti’s sister is linked to an email sent to the address [email protected] for the attention of a certain Mrs. Rita and a Mr. Fabio De Luca. The latter is not an employee of the Region but only a friend on Moroni’s Facebook. But not only that: he is also the personal trainer of Zingaretti’s sister.

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