Gay Pride: Italy correspondent Petri parades in New York, “together for a better future”

NEW YORK, JUNE 26 – The envoy of the Farnesina for the human rights of LGBTQI + people in the world, Fabrizio Petri, marched today at the Gay Pride in New York with other special envoys, Jessica Stern of the United States e Alba Rueda of Argentina. “Together to build a better future for LGBTIQ + people around the world,” Petri tweeted on days that see gay rights in the United States indirectly threatened by the Supreme Court’s ruling on abortion.

“Gay rights are human rights”, tweeted the Italian Permanent Representation to the UN in view of the larger celebration of Pride which for the first time returns to the presence after more than two years of Covid: “Italy takes a stand against prejudice, discrimination, stigma, hostility and violence “. Yesterday, at the invitation of Jesuit Father James Martin, Petri participated in a conference to raise awareness of Catholic religious towards the LGBTQTI + community. Today he participated in the march together with members of OutRight Action International and the UN LGBTI Core Group, an interregional group of UN member states established in 2008 to educate the public on gender issues, contribute to multilateral negotiations and seek a common ground in which to dialogue. The Italian Mission, which is part of the UN’s LGBTI Core Group, also marched with pride to Gay Pride.

It was a different event from the one of the last few years which had been mainly in the name of celebration. Today in New York, Chicago, San Francisco, Denver and Detroit pro-choice militants and the gay movement marched together. The LGBQTI + community is on high alert after the Supreme Court ruling because it fears for the rights won on the basis of the same right to privacy that was invoked for “Roe v Wade” are in danger of facing the same fate. The ultraconservative Clarence Thomas took care of it, putting down his position on the day of the sentence, to feed the apprehensions by arguing, in an opinion alongside the opinion of the majority, that “past decisions regarding access to contraception should be reconsidered. , intimate relationships between people of the same sex and gay marriage “. (@OnuItalia)

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