Gazprom will not cut off Moldova from gas. “As an exception, showing goodwill”

The Russian company Gazprom announced on Wednesday that it will not interrupt gas supplies to Moldova, despite the fact that it is in arrears with debt repayment for the supplied gas. Authorities in Chisinau have promised to settle debts this week.

Gazprom spokesman Sergei Kupriyanov said that the decision to continue the delivery was made “as an exception, with goodwill and understandinghow difficult the situation may be for Moldovan citizens. “

Gazprom has received a request from the country’s authorities not to interrupt supplies. At the same time, they promised to settle their debt next Friday.

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A warning from Gazprom about a possible interruption of supplies due to indebtedness the Moldovan side received on Monday. The Russian company threatened to turn off the tap within 48 hours. Meanwhile, the Moldovan government announced that it was unable to send money due to legal procedures, because the decision must be made by the parliament, and then the government should transfer the appropriate amount to the Moldovagaz concern. It is about $ 74 million.

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