Gears 5

A glitch discovered in Gears 5 allows you to play in the first person, turning the game into a real FPS.

Twitter user ArturiusTheMage published a short video of Gears 5 in which he shows a glitch that basically turns him into a first-person shooter, or FPS if you prefer. Obviously there are many things that do not work and the models of weapons disappear all the time, but it is still an interesting curiosity.

At the end of the review for Gears 5, we believe that the game succeeds in bringing the Microsoft series to new heights. It does so thanks to an engaging and well-directed campaign, which at first focuses on the visual impact and on the atmosphere and then takes off and opens up to a structure that is different from the usual, less linear and more oriented to an unconstrained exploration. The spectacular firefights and the novelties of the gameplay, in particular, the interesting role of Jack, keep the interest alive for the entire duration of the story, which once completed leaves us with a multiplayer capable of alternating the solidity of the most popular modes and the charm of new entries, with an editor too. Net of some technical uncertainty on Xbox One and some minor smudging,

Before leaving, we remind you that Gears 5 is already available in early access for those who have booked the Ultimate Edition and for Xbox Game Pass Ultimate subscribers. The public version will be available instead from 10 September 2019.

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