Gears 5

The Coalition shows a certain attention to the issues on different sexual orientations within the LGBTQ + community by including a large number of Pride flags in Gears 5 multiplayer.

Until a little while ago, Gears of War could hardly be considered a series attentive to questions on sexual orientation but among the changes made with Gears 5 there is also a greater attention to this area, as evidenced by the presence of numerous flags of the Pride relating to the different orientations included in the LGBTQ + community .

As you can see in the image shown below this news, in the multiplayer section of Gears 5 there are a large number of flags designed to better identify the personality of each player. These are banners which are displayed behind the characters in some screens after the games and are present in many varieties, ranging from videogame references to classic drawings or actual flags.

Among these we note a certain attention to the LGBTQ + guidelines, considering that there are about 20 different flags, each relating to a particular orientation or current of the community, as well as flags that have now entered into common use in this area, all accessible for free as part of internal customization for the online multiplayer profile of Gears 5 .

The new shooter of The Coalition is available since last night for Ultimate users (buyers of the Ultimate edition or Game Pass Ultimate subscribers), while it will become September 10th for all others.

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