Gentlemen, the Webb telescope has already seen the farthest place ever in the universe

The James Webb Space Telescope is finally ready and to prove its power it has already done something incredible, capturing the image of the farthest point in the universe ever seen.

NASA administrator Bill Nelson told a conference that the space agency will show this sensational image on July 12, also telling what this tool will allow us to do in the future.

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“It will explore objects in the solar system and atmospheres of exoplanets orbiting other stars, giving us clues that their atmospheres may potentially be similar to ours.”

“It could answer some basic questions: Where do we come from? What else is out there? Who are we? And of course, it will answer questions we don’t even know yet.”

Webb is capable of detecting infrared wavelengths with unprecedented resolution and this will allow us to approach our analyzes where before we could only give fleeting and confused glances.

Someone said it’s like being in a dark room and looking out only through a small hole and then finally finding a window to swing open.

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