Georgia Groome: 10 things you don’t know about the actress


The actress Georgia Groome she doesn’t enjoy particular popularity, especially now that she seems to have moved away from the acting world, but thanks to a series of memorable interpretations she has been able to imprint herself in the memory of her fans. Today she is known to be the partner of the actor Ruper GrintGroome is a personality to be rediscovered.

Here are 10 things you didn’t know about Georgia Groome.

Georgia Groome: Her Movies and TV Series

1. He has starred in several feature films. The first theatrical film Groome starred in is London to Brighton, a thriller in which she plays young Joanne. She later starred in My Mother (2007), The Cottage (2008), My life is a disaster (2008), The Disappeared (2008), Leaving Eve (2009), Silent Things (2010), The True Meaning of Love (2011), Six Degrees (2011), The Holding (2011), The Great Ghost Rescue (2011), Papadopoulos & Sons (2012), Life in Orbit (2016) e Double Dates (2017).

2. He has also acted for television. The actress started her career in 2001, starring in the TV movie A Fish Out of Water. Later she took part in the series Dangerville (2003), Metropolitan Police (2009), Lewis (2010) and to the film The Dispute (2014). Her last television role was in 2015, when she acted in 9 episodes of the series Up the Women (2013-2015), filling the role of Emily

Georgia Groome, Ruper Grint and daughter

3. She is married to the well-known actor. A particularly long-lived couple is the one composed by the actress and Rupert Grintthe well-known actor who played the character Ron Weasley in the saga of Harry Potter. We do not know how the two met, but they have been together since 2011 and now seem to be a particularly consolidated couple, which also bases its strength on its own confidentiality.

4. They had a daughter. On May 7, 2020, the couple’s first daughter was born, a girl called Wednesdayi.e. “Wednesday”. The announcement was made by Grint with a post on Instagram, but apart from that, the two new parents have always pledged to maintain a certain degree of confidentiality, especially for the good of the little girl.


Georgia Groome and Aaron Taylor-Johnson in My life is a disaster

5. She co-starred with the well-known actor. In 2008, the actress starred together with the actor Aaron Taylor Johnsonknown today for films Kick-Ass And Nocturnal animalsin the movie My life is a disaster. While Groome played the lead role of Georgia Nicolson, Taylor-Johnson instead took on the role of Robbie, the boy Georgia falls in love with. The two actors have always remembered that set spent together as a particularly positive experience in their careers.

6. It’s the movie that made them famous. My life is a disaster it is the film that helped make the two actors even more popular. Prior to that, Groome only had small roles in a few films behind her, while it was one of the actor’s first starring roles. For both, the career in the world of acting has therefore undergone a turning point starting from this feature film.

Georgia Groome: today

7. He hasn’t acted in a few years. Despite My life is one disaster has allowed the actress to obtain several other roles both in cinema and on television, since 2018 Groome would seem to have taken a break from the world of acting. In fact, she has not appeared in a film or series since that moment and with the birth of her daughter it would seem that she wanted to concentrate more on raising the child, without leaving her for prolonged periods.


Georgia Groome is not on Instagram

8. Doesn’t have a social profile. Looking for the actress on Instagram, it will be possible to notice that there are no official accounts referring to her. In fact, Groome is not present on the social network, without having however ever provided a reason in this regard. The actress simply prefers not to waste time behind these platforms, keeping to herself what happens in her personal and working life.

9. She is very private. On several occasions, Groome has said that she cares a lot about her privacy and since she became a mother she has been trying as much as possible to prevent her daughter from being overexposed in the media. That’s why she chose not to have an Instagram account. Even her husband, Ruper Grint, doesn’t usually post much about her private life, even if her first post is just a photo of herself with her daughter.

Georgia Groome: age and height of the actress

10. Georgia Groome was born in Nottingham, England on February 11, 1992. The actress is 1.63 meters tall overall.

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