Germany: 12-year-old genius Laurent Simon will study physics in Munich

The boy scored 145 points on the IQ test, which is the absolute maximum.

At six, Laurent finished elementary school, in 18 months he graduated from gymnasium, then the Belgian-Dutch little genius went to university. He continued his studies in turbo mode: first he studied electrical engineering in Eindhoven, and then last summer he graduated from Antwerp with a bachelor’s degree in physics “with honors”. His choice now fell to study in Munich.

In an interview with DPA to its correspondent in Amsterdam, Laurent Simon said that his 2-month internship at the University of Munich was “really something wonderful” and he intends to study physics there.

Laurent was a guest at the physics department of the Ludwig and Maximilian University as well as a guest at the Max Planck Institute for Quantum Optics at the Garching research center near Munich.

Many scientists from these two institutions were surprised by the appearance of an extremely gifted 11-year-old boy there. – This boy wanted to know everything about their work – says a spokesman for one of the universities.

At the moment, Laurent Simon is working at the Ludwig and Maximilian University in Munich as part of the international team of Attoworld researchers on one of the world’s most powerful lasers, and is at the heart of a groundbreaking research project. It is about capturing the smallest traces left by cancer cells in the blood vessels. As the young scientist explained, in this way it will be possible to detect intestinal cancer at its earliest stage, which greatly increases the chance of its cure.

An extremely talented boy wants to achieve his main goal, which is “saving human life”. He has no problem communicating with his adult fellow scientists because they all speak perfect English and, as Laurent pointed out, “are very nice to him.” The boy added that he had to work on German a little, because what he had learned at school was not enough for him in his everyday life in Germany.

Polish editorial office of Deutsche Welle / dpa / jak

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