Germany: Dramatic shortage of skilled workers

German companies are suffering more and more from the lack of qualified employees. Almost half of the enterprises (43 percent) admit that the shortage of professional personnel has a negative impact on their business activities, according to a survey conducted in October this year. by the KfW development bank and the Economic Research Institute (Ifo).

In early 2020, and thus before the pandemic, only 28.6 percent of companies cited the lack of skilled workers as an obstacle to production.

A more detailed industry-by-industry analysis found that the shortage of skilled workers was most severe in October in the hospitality industry, where 72 percent of businesses were affected. Many workers in this sector, as well as in the catering industry, have sought employment elsewhere due to the long lockdown phase and loss of income.

According to the KfW and Ifo barometers, also in passenger and freight transport on roads and railways there is a dramatic need for qualified employees. 64 percent of companies complain of a shortage of them. Half of IT service providers are also affected.

AFP, RTR / jar, Polish editorial team of Deutsche Welle

Deutsche Welle

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