Gf Vip, Ginevra Lamborghini in tears after the confessional on Elettra: here’s why

Moment of crisis for Geneva Lamborghini. Just out of the confessional of the house of Gf Vip, Electra’s sister began to cry desperately. To comfort her came immediately Giovanni Ciacci trying to comfort her as she sobbed. In the last episode, Ginevra was warned by the lawyers of her sister Elettra, so he cannot talk about her relationship with her. Apparently, despite the distrust of her, she was asked to talk more about her relationship with Elettra with whom she has not spoken since 2019. And, of course, the controversy is going crazy on her social networks.

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While Guinevere was crying, some noticed that the girl uttered a few words about her sister Electra. Geneva would have said: “I have hope every now and then.” The people of the web, however, ruled that the girl should calmly continue her path without being conditioned by anything.


The fans of Gf Vip have wondered what are the reasons for the break in the relationship between Ginevra and her sister Elettra Lamborghini. The entry of Giaele De Donà served to do clarity. In fact, she herself spoke to Sara Manfuso and Elenoire Ferruzzi told what really happened and why Elettra is not willing to reconnect with her sister: “She tells and doesn’t tell, first she says she doesn’t know the reasons why they closed then says he did little things to her. I mean, if you take your sister and throw the poop out of the window it’s one thing, but if you do heavy things to her then it’s normal that in the end one closes us. She wants to be good and humble, but she is not ».


Giaele then added that Ginevra would be envious of her sister’s success: «Ginevra wants to put herself at the center of attention, she has lived for many years in the shadow of Elettra and is now trying to make her copy. But, love, copies will never be the originals! She really sees her that she strives. The way she talks she looks like Electra, the way she poses she looks like Electra, the way she sings .. A little too much, come on. Everyone has to create an identity! ».

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