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The group stage ends, which means that tonight we will have left behind 75% of the matches of this World Cup. They’re running out! Yes, but in beauty: the big ones are all going on, from tomorrow to December 18th there will probably be sublime matches.

Qatar 2022 World Cup: l‘Africa dreams

Not that those of today are joking, at least judging by the palette of colors and flavors they put on the plate. What do you want to say about Ghana-Uruguay (4 pm) that doesn’t refer to the pitched battle of 2010, one of the most brutal demonstrations of the cruelty of football? An entire continent was pushing the Black Stars beyond the Pillars of Hercules in the quarterfinals, but the African dream was brutally interrupted by the sound of the ball being kicked onto the crossbar by Gyan Asamoah. Before and after, other unforgettable World Cup moments: the love story between Diego Forlan and the Jabulani ball, detested by all his colleagues and only really understood by the blond Uruguayan, the only one who knows how to kick it perfectly; the sacrifice of Suarez who parried on the line in the 120th minute; the mockingly perfect penalty always Asamoah when he counted for much less, or at the beginning of the lottery of penalties; the teaspoon of Loco Abreu on the decisive penalty; etc. Today the temperature will be much lower but certainly not cold, also because Ghana – the team with the lowest average age in the World Cup – contributes to the possible mission of bringing three African teams to the round of 16 for the first time, moreover in the first edition in which Africa has no import ct.

Senegal, Sarr's no-look rigor conquers the web

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Senegal, Sarr’s no-look rigor conquers the web

Qatar 2022 World Cup, a bit of Albania in Serbia-Switzerland

Long knives also in Serbia-Switzerland (8pm), where the memory of 2018 is still alive and vivid, with Xhaka And Shaqiri who come back the goal of Mitrovic and they exult by mimicking the eagle symbol of Greater Albania. One born in Basel to Albanian parents, the other born in Kosovo, are the two most successful examples of the Swiss melting-pot which has found replicas elsewhere in this World Cup, as the virtuous cases of the USA and Australia teach. If Switzerland has opened up to the world and has become much more – to quote Orson Welles – than the homeland of cuckoo clocks, Serbia continues to be Serbia: lazy, inconstant, quarrelsome, prone to gossip of the worst kind like the rumors that swept social media Wednesday. The match seems to have an obvious script: the Swiss will certainly do for the hundredth time what they do best, that is to close every crack with order and precision, while the Serbs will abandon themselves to the most acute of subject plays, hoping it will work. It is possible that the fate of this style confrontation will be decided by the vein of Sergej Milinkovic-Savicmoody and mercurial as per the Balkan cliché.

Qatar 2022, Brazil and Portugal already in the round of 16: rrest, but not too much

More secluded, but not irrelevant for this, are Cameroon-Brazil (8pm) and Portugal-South Korea (4pm), where Cristiano Ronaldo he will try to become the first man to score at the World Cup in the two Koreas, after having punished the cousins ​​of the North in 2010. On the other hand, Alisson (if he plays), after the quiet evenings against Serbia and Switzerland, he would gladly become the first goalkeeper not to be shot on goal in a World Cup group stage. We’ll see if the two lusitanophone national teams (we checked, it exists) will take the field in slippers and curlers like France on Wednesday or try some acceleration. The Portuguese coach Fernando Santos he spoke clearly, recalling how already in the second game several of his owners are already with their tongues out; Tite, for his part, travels at an average of two injuries per game and on the bench he has all the good things to exploit. In this amphetamine-packed World Cup, every opportunity to take a breather should be exploited, as he did deschamps even at the cost of putting Camavinga full-back and make a bad impression. The World Cup will also be at 75%, but for those that really count, it hasn’t even started yet.

Portuguese fans in a frenzy: "The GOAT is still alive"

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Portuguese fans in a frenzy: ‘The GOAT is still alive’

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