Ghost plates, the trick of the crafty ones to escape the fine

Escaping fines has become of paramount importance especially in this period. You don’t try to escape by behaving correctly and respecting the law but by trying to outwit it with the phantom license plate trick.

Ghost plates –

Today no one has the money to shop or get fuel, let alone pay fines for a toll or parking in a restricted traffic area.

This is why some clever ones have thought of using a foreign license plate, for example, to cross the limit of the ZTL without being really fined, because in this case it is practically untraceable.

We remember that who is resident in Italy it can circulate in the Italian territory, possessing a foreign license plate only for two months, beyond this limit it is only trouble and big problems.

What is the practice of the invisible plaque called and what it is

This practice has a name namely tax inversion. An Italian motorist who drives a car with a foreign license plate has only one goal, which is to become invisible to the taxman and circulate on Italian roads without respecting any limit, obligation or prohibition. Over the past few years, the phenomenon has experienced a boom, it has imposed itself among all motorists quite quickly, especially after the entry into force from January 1, 2019 of some rules that have not gone down for many.

Those who own a foreign license plate in fact as well as do not run the risk of receiving fines directly at home, you can also not pay the road tax and super tax, if you have a large engine or a certain level car.

Not to mention the fact that we are talking about phantom license plates also with regard to operations and checks by the revenue agency on the assets of every single Italian user. Those who buy luxury cars and do not want to pay taxes regularly, even though they can do it economically, benefit from this. This is a trick that goes unnoticed for a long time but that sooner or later is discovered and then there is serious trouble.

Ghost plates

How to get the ghost license plates

Anyone wishing to obtain a foreign license plate must only make it payable to a company residing in the chosen country. There are some agencies that offer just this type of services, making packages available to users which include front names, administrative assistance and many other bureaucratic formalities.

Should the police find any discrepancies in the event of checks, the holders of phantom license plates are forced to pay a fine ranging from a minimum to € 712 up to a maximum of 2,848.00 with the subsequent seizure of the vehicle.

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