Gift Size Made You la Roca a Man Who Helped Him When He Was Homeless

Dwayne Johnson, The Rock, shows in a video that he publishes on his networks that he is a grateful man to the people who at some point in his life offered him their hand

Mexico. Dwayne Johnson, The Rock, is a man grateful with life for how much it has given him and also with the people who at some point in his life helped him, and this can be seen in a video that circulates on YouTube and in which It is appreciated that he gave a truck to a good man.

To Dwayne Johnson, originally from Hayward, California (1972) and who has starred in films like Skyscrapers and The Fast and the Furious, a good man reached out his hand when he was beginning to excel in wrestling and had nowhere to live, so now that he money sought him out and gave him a truck.

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The actor and former fighter Dwayne Johnson shares a video on his social networks where he sees his meeting with Bruno Lauer, who gave him a space in his house when the now-famous Hollywood actor had nowhere to live.

My life has been full of these kinds of twists, however, God and the universe always found a way to put these kinds of people in my path, who helped me change the trajectory of my life, ”says Dwayne, known as La Roca and who served as a professional wrestler for WWE until his official retirement in 2019, to pursue his acting career.

La Roca makes it public that the good man let him sleep in his trailer for a long time, while he got some money and grew in his career in wrestling, that he has never forgotten and he will live eternally grateful.

The actor also says that Bruno Lauer gave him his last $ 40 to buy his first car, and that memory also carries him in his heart. Now La Roca has given him a completely new Ford F-150 and even recorded the moment in a video.

I love you very much, not because of this, but because of the great person you are, ”says Bruno in the video to La Roca, and they both look at each other very excited about this situation.

Dwayne Johnson, The Rock, has participated in a wide variety of films, most of them blockbuster since they have been shown practically all over the world; his role as Luke Hobbs in The Fast and the Furious is one of the most recognized.

Earthquake, Journey to the mysterious island, Jumani, A spy, and a half are some of Dwayne’s films and among his achievements as a wrestler, for example, ten World Championships stand out: eight as WWE Champion and two as WCW Champion. , according to Wikipedia.

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