Giorgia Meloni says that the Italian right “has handed over fascism to history”

On Wednesday evening Giorgia Meloni, leader of Fratelli d’Italia, released a video in three languages ​​- French, English and Spanish – in which she said she wanted to respond to articles published in the international press describing her party as “a danger to democracy, for Italian, European and international stability ». In the video, Meloni distances himself from the traditional positions of the far right with which Fratelli d’Italia has been associated since its foundation, and describes it as “the political party of Italian conservatives”:

“The Italian right has consigned fascism to history for decades now, unambiguously condemning the deprivation of democracy and the infamous anti-Jewish laws. And our condemnation of Nazism and communism, the only one of the totalitarian ideologies of the twentieth century that is still in power in some nations, is also unambiguously ”.

The contiguity of some members of the Brothers of Italy with various far-right circles has been documented several times: last year, for example, an investigation by Fanpage he had recounted the relations between some Milanese leaders of the party, in particular the MEP Carlo Fidanza, and the entrepreneur Roberto Jonghi Lavarini, known for being part of various neo-fascist groups. Today, several politicians who militated in the Italian Social Movement, heir to the fascist party, are part of the Brothers of Italy: in the symbol of Meloni’s party still today there is the tricolor flame that identified the MSI.

For months, however, Meloni has been trying to present itself as an institutional and reliable leader, especially in foreign policy, in view of a possible government position: for the elections of 25 September Fratelli d’Italia is given as the first Italian party in all the main polls , and if, as it seems, the right-wing coalition were to win and the Brothers of Italy were to be the most voted party, Meloni should be chosen as prime minister.

In his speech Meloni spoke quite clearly of this possibility:

“I have read that the victory of the Brothers of Italy in the September elections would involve a disaster, which would lead to an authoritarian change, Italy’s exit from the Euro and other nonsense of this kind. None of this is true, but I know very well that these articles are inspired by the powerful media circuit of the left ».

Meloni also argued that his party has no Eurosceptic positions and reiterated its positioning in the European Conservative and Reform Party, “which shares values ​​and experiences with the British Tories, with the US Republicans and the Israeli Likud”. He spoke of a placement of the Brothers of Italy “in the western camp” and said he condemned “no ifs and buts the brutal Russian aggression against Ukraine”, distinguishing himself from the more ambiguous positions of his allies in the right-wing coalition.

The whole video contains broad accusations against the “left”, and in particular the Italian one, accused of having governed for years without a real electoral victory. Meloni then said that if the Brothers of Italy were to come to govern, he would carry on the PNRR and the investments necessary for the growth of the country, arguing that in recent months the Draghi government has not done enough.

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